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We do things a little differently.
We focus on people.

Think Better. Be Better. Expect Better.

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | MCR Bahamas, we help relocate people to The Bahamas from all over the world. We assist them in finding their luxury dream home in The Bahamas from start to finish, with a focus on people, relationships, and the community.

We focus on people

The Best Real Estate Agents in The Bahamas

  • Sheldon Pitt

    Sheldon Pitt

    "Sheldon Pitt is from the mystical island of Bimini. As he would describe Bimini, it's "The smallest largest island in The Bahamas". Sheldon spent most of his life traveling around the world, from the islands of The Bahamas to living in the United States, Canada, Europe and"

  • Mario Carey

    Mario Carey

    "Mario Carey is the President and CEO of Mario Carey Realty (MCR). Carey is recognized as one of The Bahamas’ most respected real estate professionals and has attained the designations of Broker/Appraiser, former Vice President of Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA)"

  • Tim Rodland

    Tim Rodland

    "Tim Rodland is a Bahamian-American entrepreneur and a top broker for high-end real estate in The Bahamas. He is the Managing Partner, Broker, and part-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MCR Bahamas. Tim has always considered himself an overachiever"

  • Timothy Smith

    Timothy Smith

    "Timothy Smith was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas to a respected real estate family. He studied Accounting at Georgia State University graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He returned home to accept a post at one of the Big Four accounting firms where"

  • Eli Bullard

    Eli Bullard

    "Eli started his career in the real estate industry nearly twenty years ago. His work ethic hasbeen an underpinning for his success with years of experience in appraisals and consulting for residential construction and development throughout The Bahamas including a"

  • Unni Marie Berg

    Unni Marie Berg

    "Unni, originally from Norway, has called The Bahamas home for 14 years, three of them in Nassau and eleven in Abaco. She now lives on San Salvador Island in The Bahamas and travels back and forth to Abaco. With extensive entrepreneurial business background from Norway and"

  • Andrew Seymour

    Andrew Seymour

    "Andrew J. Seymour is a young enthusiastic professional. He has always been dedicated and committed to pursuing his goals. He spent his early college life honing his culinary skills at the hotel and tourism training center at the College of the Bahamas. There, he"

Happy Buyers Say...

"My agent was Mr. Sheldon Pitt. He was professional and knowledgeable! He went above and beyond to help us (sellers) and the buyer as well in a fair manner. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sheldon Pitt and would use him again to buy or sell property without hesitation! Thank you Sheldon!"

Belkis Blanco

Better Garden
1 / 8
"Mario Carey is the best at his game! A visionary in the Real Estate industry who knows the Bahamas and the Islands better than most!"


Better Garden
2 / 8
"It's easy to see why Tim Rodland is one of the very top producers in The Bahamas. He's relentless, pays attention to the smallest detail, understands the market like no other, and works 24/7. He has always represented us with exemplary professionalism which is more than appreciated in today's Real Estate climate. What left a lasting impression on us was although he's extremely busy helping others, we feel like we are his only client. Tim offered first class service throughout our entire transaction (and well after). We couldn’t recommend him enough."

Matt and Susan R.

Better Garden
3 / 8
"I have been investing in Real Estate in The Bahamas after moving here 10 years ago. I have worked with a number of agents, but I have never been so impressed by someone in The Bahamas until I met Tim Smith. His level of service, his drive and his network of contacts is truly amazing. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. He has become my go to guy for real estate, he is one of a kind."

Konrad R.

Better Garden
4 / 8
"Eli was referred to me by a mutual contact who swore he was the right person for the job, and I must agree. The absolute best customer service and quickest turnaround on an appraisal ever. The entire process from payment to completed report took about 5 days."

Erin McCartney

Better Garden
5 / 8
"Just for anyone thinking about listing or buying property in The Bahamas. I can only recommend Unni. I could not have been more impressed with her representation for the sale of my lot on Great Guana Cay. She was involved in the clean-up after Hurricane Dorian to make sure that it showed well and kept me aware of any showings that occurred. She was there start to finish. If I should ever look for property in the Bahamas again, I would contact Unni."

Todd Rucker

Better Garden
6 / 8
"I bought my home with Liz as my real estate agent six years ago. The process was complicated but Liz did everything possible to guide me through it and to ensure a successful closing. We remain in touch to this day. I trust her judgment on real estate without question."

Devan McPhee

Better Garden
7 / 8
"Andrew Seymour has been my agent and appraiser for over five years and he continues to provide exceptional service for me and my family. Andrew has helped me with my first family home purchase and helped us open our very first Macfit360 location plus made the entire process feel effortless. He recently just helped us purchase our newest property for our expanding family. I highly recommend Mr. Seymour if you are looking for an all-around agent that can help you with all of your real estate needs."


Better Garden
8 / 8

Luxury Living in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country consisting of more than 700 islands and islets (Cays) in the Atlantic Ocean, located north of Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and just 75 miles southeast off the coast of Florida.

The Bahamas is known for its beaches, resorts, marine life, and vibrant culture. The country has the perfect tropical climate and is a popular destination for travelers, expats, and beloved by the local community.

You can choose from many different types of real estate, from luxury villas and sprawling estates to condominiums and beachfront mansions. Start a business, study, or live the dream of island-living in the beautiful Bahamas.

Why Buy in The Bahamas

With beautiful luxury real estate and endless investment opportunities, there are many reasons to buy a home in The Bahamas. From tropical weather and stunning natural landscape to private-island living and an incredible culture, The Bahamas are a perfect place to call home.

Luxury Homes for Sale in The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers luxury beach homes, waterfront and beachfront properties, beautiful condominiums, homes in welcoming luxury communities, and even private islands. Find the luxury home of your dreams with the help of MCR Bahamas.

We focus on people
We focus on people

Luxury Bahamas Homes for Rent

When renting in The Bahamas you can choose from luxury vacation homes, condos in Nassau, Freeport, and other cities,, and exclusive long-term rental home opportunities.

Luxury Condos for Sale

Take a tour through one of the Bahamas' stunning luxury condo developments that provide convenient, resort-style amenities. With stunning pools, gym, spas, golf courses, and more, live resort-style in luxury condominiums.

We focus on people
We focus on people

Land for Sale in The Bahamas

Looking to build your dream home in The Bahamas? Let the MCR Bahamas team help you find the perfect private island, lot in exclusive communities, or vacant land to invest in.

Private Islands for Sale in The Bahamas

With thousands of islands, cays, and islets, travelers and expats have endless beauty to explore. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating, and many more marine activities in the Atlantic Ocean.

We focus on people
We focus on people

Luxury Bahamas Communities

Luxury communities in The Bahamas prioritize amenities, discretion, and relaxation so members can appreciate the island lifestyle. Expats from the United States, Canada, the UK, Brazil, and many other countries relocate to the luxury communities of The Bahamas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bahamas enjoys an active second home market facilitated by official policy that welcomes foreign nationals who wish to buy property of five acres or less for personal residential use in which case Government approval is not required. However, the acquisition must be registered in accordance with the International Persons Landholding Act. For those wishing to buy additional or larger properties or to invest commercially, a separate stream of requirements must be met.

Read more here.

Purchasing a Bahamas investment property presents a unique investment opportunity. With its proximity to the U.S., excellent healthcare, and the many local attractions to enjoy, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

The Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) also provides investment incentives and preferential trade incentives, and the Government works to create a stable, macroeconomic environment conducive to private investment and an essential public infrastructure.

Read more here.

The average price of real estate in The Bahamas is about USD 3 million. But don’t feel discouraged if that’s outside your budget. The substantial amount of high-priced luxury real estate raises the national average home price.

Given the above factors that influence Bahamian real estate, you’ll find a wide range of property prices depending on the neighborhood, city, island, and even property type.

Read more here.

The Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) offers preferential trade incentives including The Lome Convention, General system of Preference (GSP), Caribcan, and Caribbean Basin Initiative trade agreements for businesses located in The Bahamas.

Read more here.

The Bahamian government has long supported a robust education system for all of its citizens. Quality, accessible education for all has been a priority of the Government of The Bahamas, and today, they can boast some excellent statistics:

  • More than 50,000 K-12 students learn across the 170 educational institutions in The Bahamas.
  • 92% school attendance rate
  • 93% literacy rate

The Ministry of Education Bahamas now oversees the entire education system, and quality education is free for every Bahamian child, thanks to the Education Act of 1996.

Read more about education in The Bahamas here, or review our guide to the best international and private schools on the islands.

Second Home Owners are eligible for a Home Owners Residence Card, renewable annually. This card will facilitate entry into The Bahamas and entitle the owner, their spouse and minor children to enter and remain in The Bahamas for the duration of the validity of the card. Applications may be made to the Director of Immigration. Accelerated consideration of applications for annual or permanent residence will be given to major international investors and fit and proper owners of residences valued at $750,000 or more.

Read more here.

The Bahamian Government is committed to the continued development of a modern economic environment where free enterprise can flourish. The Government serves as the regulator and facilitator of the economic development of The Bahamas, focusing on the ideals of transparency and fair play in business.

The Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) in the Office of the Prime Minister is tasked with the operational management of the Government’s investment regulations. The BIA ensures that Bahamian and foreign investments complement each other and function harmoniously, and that the various sectors of the economy, such as the tourism industry and financial services industry, are linked.

The BIA also encourages sustainable and environmentally friendly harvesting of Bahamian natural resources and serves to maintain overall economic growth and development of The Bahamas.

Read more here.

The city of Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. Located on the port on the northeastern coast of New Providence Island, you can fly to Nassau from Miami in less than an hour, from New York in three hours, and from London in nine.

Find Nassau homes for sale or read our guide to buying a home in Nassau, Bahamas.

The Bahamas is considered a tax haven or tax neutral country because it doesn’t charge the following:

  • Income Tax: Tax on income such as wages earned by individuals or profits made by businesses
  • Gift Tax: Taxes charged when someone transfers valuable assets such as stocks or real estate, or large sums of money (starting at $16,000 in the U.S.)
  • Capital Gains Tax: Tax placed on the profits from selling investments such as real estate, stocks and bonds, jewelry and coin collections.
  • Estate Tax: When a person dies and passes their estate to someone else, whether through a will or according to state law, a tax is placed on the assets. The tax is based on the fair market value of the assets, and at the Federal level in the U.S., only properties worth more than $12.06 million are taxed. State tax thresholds are lower.

Read more about The Bahama’s tax neutral status.

The Bahamas has almost endless activities for travelers and residents, including:

  • Swimming
  • Boating and yachting
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Shopping
  • Beach trips
  • Resort living
  • Night-life casinos and entertainment

Find the best beaches in The Bahamas or read more on what it’s like to relocate to The Bahamas.

You can pursue Bahamian citizenship through many paths including marriage, investment, residency, naturalization.

There are many benefits to Bahamian citizenship, including gno income tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax, and inheritance tax. But note that permanent residents don’t have to pay those taxes either, so permanent residency (vs. citizenship) is also an option.

Read more about Bahamas Citizenship here.

Read more about permanent residency here.

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