Bahamas Home Appraisal Experts

“Nearly everyone knows what their car or boat would be worth on the open market, but few know just
what their home is worth at this very moment.”

Mario Carey

Property values fluctuate constantly. Some fluctuations are caused by external forces over which the individual owner has no control: a change in the economy, for instance, or a new development that rivals or exceeds yours. Others are neighborhood related, what a comparable property sold for last week or news that a highway, mall or golf course community is planned nearby. Still others are based on the property itself, amenities and condition – not just the square footage but pool and deck, appliances, generator systems, lighting, flooring, extras like wine cellar, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, infinity pools or summer kitchens.

With more than 30 years experience in appraising properties in the United States and The Bahamas, MCR founder Mario Carey is among a handful of Bahamian appraisers whose stamped report is accepted universally.

Carey’s appraisal experience runs the gamut from high-end residential to commercial property, and his commitment to professional integrity guides everything he does in the world of real estate. Says Carey, “Property in The Bahamas attracts world attention because of what it is. There is a lot at stake and you cannot afford to make a mistake because in the blink of an eye, value can change.”

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Mario Carey

CRS, CIPS, CLHMS, President & CEO/Appraiser


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Andrew J. Seymour

BRI, Sales Agent, Appraisal Associate