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Unni, originally from Norway, has called The Bahamas home for 13 years, three of them in Nassau and ten in Abaco. She now lives on Great Guana Cay in Abaco. With extensive entrepreneurial business background from Norway and after studying psychology at the University of Oslo, her long-term dream was relocating to the Bahamas to enjoy the warmth, the social lifestyle and the beauty of the islands. She realized her dream and now her passion is helping other people do the same.

Starting out as a property manager, then moving on to photography, video and webdesign, she soon discovered Real Estate. Now she works full time as a real estate agent and enjoys sharing her love for The Bahamas and the Bahamian lifestyle. Whether her clients are new to The Bahamas or have been residing here for many years, she is committed to serving excellence to all.

Using her photographic eye and her sense of attractive presentation, she loves to assist homeowners with staging and preparation before their homes go on the market. 

In her spare time, Unni likes to educate herself, sew purses and bags, and walk on the beach.  For vacation she enjoys traveling to the more remote islands in The Bahamas for adventure and beauty.

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Unni Marie Berg

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
One West Plaza, Windsor Field Road
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