Month: August 2017

Building Your Wish List | Bahamas Real Estate

Building your wish list is an important factor in the home buying process. You’ve started the search for a home, but do you know exactly what you’re looking for? There are so many options it is important to know what you want and need before you begin looking. Start making a checklist of amenities and […]

Airbnb Potential to Spur Economic Growth Unlimited’, Could Drive Investment, Banking and Hotels to New Heights | Bahamas Real Estate

Nassau, Bahamas – The Bahamas has barely scratched the surface of benefits from the short-term home rental movement fostered by companies like Airbnb, says a top real estate broker. “Airbnb is revolutionizing the travel market enabling visitors to live in a home or apartment where they can experience local life. Airbnb’s popularity among families is especially […]

Safety Tips for Summertime Grilling | Bahamas Real Estate

Summertime is the season for grilling, But grilling can cause fires, property damage, and even injuries. It is important to keep safety in mind when getting your grill ready. Here are a few tips to keep your family and home safe: Keep the grill away from your home, deck railings and out from under overhanging tree […]

The Secret To Avoiding Cooling System Breakdowns | Bahamas Real Estate

Not only is The Bahamas beautiful, but it’s very warm all year round. Leaving many to install air conditioning systems in their homes. Cooling cost can easily make up half of a household’s energy bill and the normal wear and tear can make the system work harder. Want to know the secret to avoiding cooling […]

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