What Condor Airlines Flight Means for Real Estate and The Bahamas | Bahamas Real Estate

What Condor Airlines Flight Means for Real Estate and The Bahamas | Bahamas Real Estate

Willkommen auf den Bahamas

Europe has a new direct flight to the Bahamas. Condor made its inaugural flight from Frankfurt to Nassau on November 6th, and this week the first commercial flight touched down on Bahamian soil. This ushers in a slew of new opportunities and markets on both sides of the pond.

What is the most amazing thing about this new portal to Europe?

Easy access to family and friends. Otherwise, it brings new access to the Caribbean and thousands, rather millions of potential clients.

One of the markets that will be directly influenced by this new airline route is the current tourism picture in New Providence. Traditionally, the only airline servicing direct trans-Atlantic travelers was British Airways, which limited the European tourism to those traveling through the UK and or the USA. Even so, there has already been a love story between Germans and the Bahamas, and quite a few islands here claim many as residents. The new transit access means more Germans, and other European nationals can experience something that was once just a dream of paradise.

With the influx of more tourists comes the increase demand for boarding, and ultimately, housing. This increased demand almost guarantees a rising spike in hotel bookings, and even higher returns on AirBNB, Home Away, and other independent rental programs. In my experience, these travelers tend to spend more on vacation, and typically are repeat clients. This increases the pool of funds that is generated through tourism, and the trickle down is greater than that of cruisers that may only be in harbor for a few hours. Thus, Nassau is poised for a boost in its tourism financial output.

Why The Bahamas?

The Bahamas is an attractive destination for Europeans simply because it’s one of those places that most people dream about, but always thought it was too far to ever visit. Not anymore. With the one of the coldest predicted winters approaching, this exit to the tropics is just what the doctor ordered. It is imperative for the Bahamas to capitalize on this opportunity to improve its product, and step up to the intercontinental stage of heavy hitters.

I moved to the Bahamas almost seven years ago with my Bahamian husband, and have had the wonderful opportunity to gain experience in property management, and development of a niche vacation rental market. After the novelty of the sun, sand, and sea fades, missing my homeland of Germany is inevitable. The sights, the sounds, from bumping electric nightlife, to quiet strolls along the picturesque cobblestone streets during midday siesta. There is paradise, but there’s no place like home. Condor has created an avenue, not only for Europeans to experience the wonders of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, it has pioneered a quick and reasonably affordable return home.

We speak German!

Willkommen auf den sonnigen Bahamas. Ab dem 6. November 2017 started Condor jeden Montag ab Frankfurt zu dem Direktflug nach Nassau, der Hauptstadt der Bahamas. Ich wohne seit 6.5 Jahren mit meinem Mann und meinen 2 Kindern auf den Bahamas, bin studierte Immobilienfachwirtin and seit 2012 in dem Immobilienmarkt auf den Bahamas beschaeftigt. Fuer Anfragen rund um dem Immbilienmarkt auf den Bahamas stehe ich Ihnen sehr gerne zur Verfuegung, sei es zu Ferienwohnungen, Vermietungen, Immobilienkauf oder sonstigen wirtschaftlichen Faktoren. Ich kann Sie in jeder Hinsicht professionell beraten. Ich freue mich von Ihnen zu hoeren und Sie eventuell auf den traumhaften Bahamas begruessen zu duerfen.

Tina Bain

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