Should You Name Your House?

Should You Name Your House?

Home is usually a place that has lasting memories. It should be no surprise that people sometimes name their homes. Should you name your house too? Is there anything to it all? Yes, there is.

Significance of a Name

A name can bring character to real estate. It’s probably a little of the reason “Downtown Abbey” is an attraction beyond the television series or why on hearing John Watling’s Distillery at the “Buena Vista Estate” seems to transport you in time and conjure up it’s history and culture. A name can also reflect the affection shown for a particular property or it exudes personality, often admired in modern contemporary homes, family homesteads, beach houses, and more. For individual residences, it can also be an extension of pride in ownership too. For some, after buying a new house homeowners like to add a little extra style and individuality to it.

The tradition of naming a house and property dates back centuries. Before there was a numbering system, many people named their homes to serve as an address. Nowadays, we see the naming of grand estates, beach houses, farms and historic properties. But there’s nothing to stop you from naming your property too.

How Do You Determine A Name?

There are no hard and fast rules to naming your property but it can be tough to decide with so many possibilities to consider. Some names can be strictly historic. Some can be based on location, a family name or similar. A personal source of inspiration might be quite suitable for a name. It may also be that you can narrow the list by considering any geographical features nearby such as a hillside, beach, canal, or an enjoyable view like a sunset. Maybe turn to nature by looking at local wildlife, plants or trees in the area or that you particularly like will be a part of the name you choose. Another option is to think about some unique feature, architectural or otherwise, such as terraces or shutters. Decide if you’d like to include the type of home you own in the name. For example, house, cottage, chateau, estate, a retreat or an oasis. You could also whip up some good ol’ fashioned alliteration – Hilltop Hideaway, Bougainvilla Bay, Luna Lookout…you get the picture. Thank you to all the grade school english language teachers by the way. You can get pretty creative. I once read of a homeowner who ended up with a home called “Light on the Cranberry”, not because of cranberry harvesting or his grandmother’s recipe book but because that’s how the vodkas were mixed. There is definitely no shortage on original names that you can come up with. Just be sure to choose a name that fits the property. Then, put up a sign to announce the name to the world. A name won’t stick unless it’s known and said out loud, even if only by passerby and visitors. Also remember this word of caution – a name, especially a poorly chosen one, can be a drawback rather than an appeal. So, choose wisely, if you choose a name at all.

There Can Be Actual Value in A Name

Besides some character, it turns out that recognizing your home’s significance with a name can bring potential for added perceived value as well. Informally, some buyers admitted that they may subconsciously be prepared to pay more for a home just because it has a name. Many who felt that they wouldn’t pay more still believed that their opinion of the property would improve, even before viewing the property. Some said they would more readily remember a home with a name after looking at multiple properties over several weeks. In a very real way then, a name can translate into some value whether it shows in the sale price or simply a stronger presence in the market that brings greater interest and makes an impression of buyers by raising its profile. That’s right! A great name for your home isn’t only a way to make it unique, it might just help you sell it one day.

There’s no place like home. So, dub a name! If you’ve chosen to have one for your home, pat yourself on the back. If not, maybe you’ll give it some thought. Of course, at Better Homes & Gardens, we’d welcome talking about your real estate needs if you’re considering selling, buying or renting. Contact us at any time. To get other helpful tips like the ones in this article visit and we’d love to hear the names you pick out or what you already call your home so feel free to share comments.


Ashley Bethel

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