Bahamas Airports: The Ultimate List (International & Domestic)

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With over 700 islands and 2,400 cays forming the stunning archipelago of The Bahamas, it’s no wonder this paradise has several airports catering to adventurers, tourists, and residents alike. From major airports in The Bahamas to charming seaplane bases, a world of exploration begins and ends at these travel hubs.

Understanding The Bahamas’ airports is paramount whether you’re planning to buy a luxury Bahamas home or take a vacation to this heavenly place. Dive into our comprehensive guide, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the key touchpoints that connect this island paradise to the world and itself.


Nassau & New Providence Bahamas Airports

The beating heart of The Bahamas, Nassau and New Providence cater to the highest influx of travelers due to their central location with many houses and condos for sale and commercial importance like fishing spots and some of The Bahamas’ best golf courses. 

Lynden Pindling International

bahamas airport

Location: Nassau

The largest and busiest airport in The Bahamas and a major point of entry, Lynden Pindling International sees millions of passengers each year. Named after the first Prime Minister of The Bahamas, this airport has become synonymous with the country’s connection to major destinations, especially the United States.

Jet Nassau


Location: Nassau, New Providence

Jet Nassau is not your average airport facility. Tailored for the elite and those who prefer traveling with luxury and efficiency, it primarily caters to private jets and charter flights. As the name suggests, Jet Nassau emphasizes high-end service and swift operations, ensuring that those who land or take off from here do so with utmost convenience and sophistication. 

General Aviation Centre

General Aviation Centre

Location: Nassau

The General Aviation Centre in Nassau is a testament to the diversity of the aviation landscape in The Bahamas. This facility is dedicated to serving the needs of general aviation, which includes non-commercial aircraft operations such as private aircraft, flight training, and recreational flying, among others. 


Grand Bahama Airports

The northernmost island, Grand Bahama, is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. Grand Bahama real estate also captures the beauty of island living by combining luxury and natural beauty. Anchoring this entry are its airports, blending state-of-the-art facilities with the island’s iconic tropical charm. 

Grand Bahama airports also provide easy access to Freeport, where the average rental price is lower than those in Nassau. 

Grand Bahama International Airport

grand bahama Int'l airport

Location: Freeport

A significant hub, the Grand Bahama International Airport not only connects travelers to other islands in the archipelago but also major destinations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its proximity to Florida makes it a favorite among American travelers.


Abaco Bahama Airports

The Abaco islands, known for their colonial charm, are a mix of history and scenic beauty. From bustling hubs that welcome international travelers to quaint airstrips that cater to local hops and private fliers, The Bahamas airports here reflect the unique mosaic of Abaco’s landscapes and cultures. 

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport

Leonard M Thompson International Airports

Location: Marsh Harbour

Formerly known as the Marsh Harbour International Airport, the Leonard M. Thompson International Airport serves as a vital link between Abaco and destinations such as Florida, Saint Barthélemy, and Sint Eustatius. This airport has become a favorite among private fliers and commercial airlines alike.

Treasure Cay International Airport

Treasure Cay International Airport

Location: Treasure Cay

As one of the key international entry points to the Abaco Islands, Treasure Cay International Airport plays a pivotal role in welcoming both domestic and international travelers. Equipped to handle a variety of aircraft, from commercial flights to private jets, Treasure Cay International ensures that visitors can reach this slice of Bahamian paradise with ease and convenience. 

Sandy Point Airport

Sandy point airport

Location: Sandy Point

Nestled in the southern tip of Great Abaco, Sandy Point Airport is more than just a transportation facility—it’s a gateway to the tranquil and less-traveled areas of the Abaco Islands. This airport primarily serves domestic flights and private charters. 


Andros Bahamas Airports

The largest island in The Bahamas, Andros, is a haven for nature lovers. Like other islands in the archipelago, its high average humidity creates its signature tropical paradise feel. Its size and diversity demand robust aerial connectivity, and some of its essential aviation hubs answering this call are the San Andros Airport and Fresh Creek Airport. Let’s embark on a journey to understand these vital airport’s roles and offerings.

Fresh Creek Airport

Fresh creek airport

Location: Central Andros

Nestled amidst lush forests, which according to Bahamas statistics, make up 51% of The Bahamas islands, Fresh Creek Airport welcomes those keen on exploring the untouched beauty of Andros. Also known as Andros Town International Airport, its close connections with the Netherlands and other territories make it a unique landing spot.

San Andros Airport

San andros airport

Location: Nicholls Town, Andros Island

San Andros Airport is the primary gateway for many arriving at this fascinating island. Being strategically positioned, it offers travelers easy access to both the island’s natural wonders and its charming settlements. Serving primarily domestic flights, this airport is a key link between Andros and other parts of The Bahamas, particularly Nassau.


Berry Islands Bahamas Airports

An ensemble of cays, the Berry Islands, are the epitome of secluded beauty. Ensuring seamless connectivity to this slice of paradise are its airports. Whether you wish to purchase an island in this Bahamian paradise or rent a space for a short vacation, accessibility isn’t an issue with airports like Chub Cay International Airport, Great Harbour Cay Airport, and Big Whale Cay Airport that connect these islands to both domestic and international destinations. 

Great Harbour Cay Airport

Great Harbour Cay Airport

Location: Great Harbour Cay

Serving as a vital artery for the Berry Islands, Great Harbour Cay Airport is a hub of activity. While primarily handling domestic flights, its strategic location ensures that destinations like Nassau and Marsh Harbour are just a short flight away. 

Chub Cay International Airport

Chub Cay International Airport

Location: Chub Cay, Berry Islands

An integral part of the Berry Islands’ civil aviation framework, Chub Cay International Airport serves as a significant Bahamas airport of entry. The airport caters to both commercial and private flights and many tourists and business travelers from the United States, Puerto Rico, and even further territories often choose it as their primary point of entry when exploring the Berry Islands. 

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Big Whale Cay Airport

Big Whale Cay Airport

Location: Big Whale Cay

Nestled on the private island of Big Whale Cay, this airport exudes an aura of exclusivity and tranquility. Primarily serving private charters and seaplane bases, Big Whale Cay Airport is a testament to the luxurious offerings of the Berry Islands despite having a compact runway. 


Exuma Bahamas Airports

The Exuma islands, with their breathtaking chain of over 365 cays, offer a Caribbean paradise unlike any other. Facilitating the journey to this haven are its well-established Bahamas airports. Exuma International Airport and Staniel Cay Airport play a crucial role in connecting this part of The Bahamas archipelago to the rest of the world. 

Exuma International Airport

Exuma International Airport

Location: George Town

Catering to both adventurers and luxury seekers, Exuma International Airport connects this chain of islands to global destinations. Standing as one of the major Bahamas airports, Exuma International Airport is an essential Bahamas airport of entry, especially for those keen to delve into the wonders of the Exuma Cays. 

Staniel Cay Airport

Staniel Cay Airport

Location: Black Point

Staniel Cay Airport, though smaller in scale compared to its international counterpart, holds its own unique charm and importance. Primarily catering to domestic flights, private charters, and seaplane bases, this airport connects the enchanting Staniel Cay to destinations like Nassau, Marsh Harbour, and more. 


Eleuthera Bahamas Airports

Eleuthera, characterized by its slender and elongated form, is a captivating contrast of rugged cliffs, tranquil beaches, and historic settlements. Plus, its low crime rate makes it one of the safest places to live in The Bahamas. 

Serving as a bridge between this enchanting island and the wider world are its pivotal Bahamas airports. 

North Eleuthera Airport

North Eleuthera Airport

Location: North Eleuthera

As one of the primary Bahamas airports of entry, North Eleuthera Airport is often the first touchpoint for many travelers to this beautiful island. Situated strategically, it facilitates easy access to both Eleuthera’s attractions and the nearby allure of Harbour Island. 

With its well-maintained facilities, this airport sees frequent flights from destinations like the United States, Saint Barthélemy, and other further territories.

Governor’s Harbour Airport

Governor's Harbour Airport

Location: Governor’s Harbour

Positioned in the heart of Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbour Airport serves as a significant conduit for both domestic and international travelers. Of the three airports in Eleuthera, this airport is considered the second most active. While not as large as some of its counterparts, this airport is characterized by its efficiency, friendly staff, and a genuinely Bahamian ambiance.

Rock Sound International Airport

Rock Sound International Airport

Location: South Eleuthera

Rock Sound International Airport, another noteworthy Bahamas airport of entry, serves the southern regions of Eleuthera. Equipped with facilities to handle both international and domestic flights, it’s a key portal for those keen on delving into South Eleuthera’s gems. Whether it’s the unique Ocean Hole or the serene Tarpum Bay, travelers find themselves at the doorstep of these attractions upon landing here. 


Other Bahamas Airports

Although we advise you to visit The Bahamas during months with low average wind speeds (between June to September), the archipelago is a great destination all year round. The numerous Bahamas airports add to its accessibility, facilitating its inter-island connectivity and catering to international tourists. 

Aside from the comprehensive list above, there are still several other airports and airstrips scattered across its islands. 

  • Spring Point Airport: Located on Acklins Island, it primarily serves domestic flights.
  • South Bimini Airport: This is an international airport that’s one of the main gateways to the Bimini islands.
  • Arthur’s Town Airport: Located in Arthur’s Town, this airport serves as one of Cat Island’s primary airports.
  • New Bight Airport: This is a vital airport on Cat Island.
  • Matthew Town Airport (Inagua Airport): This is the main airport of the island that’s located in Matthew Town.
  • Deadman’s Cay Airport: A domestic airport on Long Island, this airport serves its southern regions.
  • Stella Maris Airport: This airport is positioned to the north and plays an important role in the island’s connectivity.
  • Mayaguana Airport: Located in Abraham’s Bay, it’s the principal airport serving Mayaguana.
  • Duncan Town Airport: This is a small domestic airport providing connectivity for Ragged Island.
  • Port Nelson Airport: The only airport on Rum Cay, it offers domestic flights and connects the island to the rest of The Bahamas.
  • San Salvador Airport (Cockburn Town Airport): This airport serves as an international gateway to San Salvador Island.
  • Spanish Wells Airport: This airport provides crucial connectivity for Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, and the northernmost part of Eleuthera Island. 


Domestic & International Airlines

american aircraft

A variety of airlines operate in The Bahamas, both domestically and internationally. These airlines make it convenient for travelers to navigate the archipelago’s islands and provide critical connections to other countries. However, keep in mind that availability and routes can change over time, and it’s essential to check the latest information when planning your trip. 

Domestic Airlines

  • Bahamasair
  • Western Air
  • Flamingo Air
  • Southern Air Charter
  • LeAir Charter Services
  • Pineapple Air

International Airlines

  • American Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • WestJet Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Copa Airlines


Frequently Asked Questions About Flying to The Bahamas

private plane

What airport do you fly into for The Bahamas?

Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS), otherwise referred to as Nassau International Airport, stands as The Bahamas’ most extensive aviation facility. It also acts as a principal base for Bahamasair and is the country’s main gateway for international arrivals to this tropical paradise with high average temperatures throughout the year. 

How many international airports does The Bahamas have?

The Bahamas boasts a system of over 20 international airports that regularly accommodate commercial flights from regions, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

What is the most common Bahamas airport?

Situated a mere nine miles away from Nassau’s city center, Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is the most active airport in The Bahamas and a significant entry point to the Caribbean. 

What are Bahamas airports of entry?

The main airports of entry in The Bahamas include Lynden Pindling International Airport, Grand Bahama International Airport, Exuma International Airport, North Eleuthera Airport, Marsh Harbour Airport, Rock Sound International Airport, Treasure Cay International Airport, Chub Cay International Airport, South Bimini Airport, and San Salvador Airport. 

We recommend visiting during the driest periods, from December to May, when the average rainfall in The Bahamas is at its lowest. 

What is the easiest airport to fly into for The Bahamas?

The easiest airport to fly into for The Bahamas will depend on several factors, including your starting location, final destination within The Bahamas, budget, and preferred airlines. However, Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, New Providence, is generally considered the most accessible.

What is The Bahamas airport code?

Airport codes in The Bahamas vary by airport, as each has its own unique identifier. Here are the IATA codes for some of the main Bahamas airports. 

  • Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS)
  • Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO) 
  • Exuma International Airport (GGT)
  • North Eleuthera Airport (ELH)
  • Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH)
  • Rock Sound International Airport (RSD)
  • Treasure Cay International Airport (Abaco Islands) – TCB
  • Chub Cay International Airport (Berry Islands) – CCZ
  • South Bimini Airport (Bimini) – BIM
  • San Salvador Airport (San Salvador) – ZSA


Fly To Your Luxury Dream Home in The Bahamas

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Bahamas Airports: The Ultimate List (International & Domestic)

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