Bahamas Land for Sale: The Ultimate Guide [2024]

Bahamas land
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Looking through listings of Bahamas land for sale? We don’t blame you — gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, ever-present sunshine, and tax benefits are enough to have anyone packing and starting their travels. 

The Bahamas offers many luxury real estate opportunities, but perhaps you’re interested in building a home from the ground up with the ability to customize every detail and show your unique style. 

Whether you’re looking for land for sale in The Bahamas or a private Bahamas Island for sale, we can help you find it. 

Here at MCR Bahamas, we support investors and expat buyers with a wide range of needs. But no matter your reason, Bahamian land for sale is within reach! 

Born and raised in the Bahamas, I know all the beauty these islands have to offer. I have worked with many diverse clients, listening to and understanding their unique lifestyles, concerns, and more. With over 30 years of real estate experience, I am more than capable of helping you find your very own piece of paradise here in the Bahamas.

Read on to learn how to buy land in The Bahamas, where to buy land in The Bahamas, and why so many investors do.


Looking for luxury real estate in The Bahamas?

Browse Bahamas homes for sale

Can I buy land in The Bahamas? 

Absolutely. There’s no shortage of land to buy in The Bahamas. The country’s many islands are prime for residential and commercial development opportunities, with new projects built every year. 

But you may also be wondering…

Is there cheap land for sale in The Bahamas?

The Bahamas, a spectacular tropical paradise, is synonymous with lavish lifestyles and prime international real estate. With home and rental Bahamas listings offering proximity to sapphire waters and sun-kissed shores, many wonder about the feasibility of finding affordable Bahamas land for sale.

Comparatively, against major urban landscapes like those in Australia, the U.S., or Europe, certain areas of The Bahamas, especially in locations away from Freeport or Nassau, might present opportunities for more budget-friendly Bahama real estate prices. Some of these areas might not be in the exclusive waterfront category, but they ensure beautiful views nonetheless.

Surprisingly, listings indicate that it’s possible to find properties in Nassau and the rest of The Bahamas, even apartments, for under $200,000. While securing a beachfront location might be ambitious, many offerings in the safest places in The Bahamas ensure proximity to the shimmering shores. However, such properties might comprise smaller land sizes or fewer bedrooms and bathrooms.

Furthermore, while the upfront price might appear attractive, especially for commercial investment, potential investors should anticipate additional costs while balancing it with the average salary in The Bahamas and the average cost of living. Building infrastructure, construction, and ongoing property taxes can add up. 

Plus, the intricacies of the international real estate market, especially concerning furnished properties or those with amenities like an elevator, as well as foreign ownership regulations in the U.S. or elsewhere can also impact the final mortgage amount.

Can foreigners buy land in The Bahamas?

Yes! Foreigners can buy virtually any type of Bahamian property, including condominiums, residential homes, townhomes, and land. 

The International Persons Landholding Act 1993 allows foreigners (including non-residents) to purchase Bahamian property. However, you might need a permit if: 

  • Your land is more than two acres.
  • You plan to use the land for commercial development.
  • You plan to rent out the land.

Remember that regardless of whether you need a permit, you’ll still have to register your land purchase with the Foreign Investment Board. If you need any help learning about permit requirements, our MCR team would be happy to help!

What is Bahamas land for sale by owner?

Bahamas land for sale by owner implies that the seller doesn’t have a real estate agent representing them. Often in these cases the seller doesn’t use an agent to save money on commission costs (though we can’t stress enough the value of an informed agent). 

If you’re a buyer, this isn’t something to worry about. We just recommend you have a knowledgeable real estate agent like MCR Bahamas’ staff to represent your every need during the purchase. 


Where to Buy Land in The Bahamas

Navigating the world of international real estate can be a thrilling venture, especially when your compass points towards The Bahamas. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of Grand Bahama real estate or the exclusivity of lesser-known islands, our guide is your essential companion. If you’re not ready to commit to a home purchase, you can check out the average rental prices in The Bahamas. Either way, welcome aboard!

Land for Sale Nassau & Providence

nassau and providens

Nassau, the bustling capital and home to quite a handful of private and international schools in The Bahamas, along with the the rest of New Providence, offers a diverse range of real estate opportunities. 

From beachfront plots with azure water views to inland parcels close to amenities and cultural hubs, Nassau’s land listings cater to both luxury seekers and budget-conscious Bahamas investors

Benefits of Buying Land in Nassau & New Providence 

  • Prime location as the gateway to The Bahamas
  • Appreciating value from diverse real estate options
  • Access to infrastructure and amenities
  • Vibrant culture and nightlife 

Explore our exclusive listings in Nassau and New Providence now and make your island dream come true!

Freeport & Grand Bahama Real Estate

freeport & grand baham

Grand Bahama and Freeport real estate boasts a mix of modernity and untouched natural beauty. From beachfront villas with endless ocean vistas to commercial plots primed for business endeavors, there’s something for every investor. 

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil seaside retreat or a bustling marketplace venture, Freeport and Grand Bahama offer a dynamic landscape for your real estate dreams.

Benefits of Buying Land in Freeport & Grand Bahama

  • Prime hub for diverse opportunities
  • Economic leverage through strategic positioning
  • Breathtaking natural vistas and landscapes
  • State-of-the-art facilities and conveniences
  • A mosaic of lifestyle choices and experiences

Dive into our exclusive land listings in Freeport and Grand Bahama and let the island’s charm captivate you.

Abaco Bahamas 

abaco bahamas

Nestled in the northern cays of The Bahamas, Abaco offers an enchanting canvas for real estate enthusiasts. Land for sale in Abaco presents a tapestry of breathtaking coastal stretches, turquoise lagoons, and tranquil inland retreats. 

Whether you’re envisioning a waterfront haven, a secluded wooded plot, or a vibrant community setting, Abaco’s diverse offerings cater to every whim. 

Benefits of  Buying Land in Abaco Bahamas

  • Picturesque beauty with nature’s finest canvases
  • Ideal spot for boating enthusiasts and marine adventures
  • Smart financial decision with promising investment return
  • Easily reachable with efficient connectivity options

Explore Abaco land listings now, and stake your claim in a world where nature and luxury converge.

Rum Cay

rum cay beach

Rum Cay, a gem in The Bahamas archipelago, presents a unique blend of untapped beauty and investment promise. Land for sale here is more than just a plot; it’s perfect for those seeking solace away from the crowd or the thrill of surfing on consistent waves. As an emerging hotspot, this island offers not only a serene escape but also a rare opportunity in Bahamian real estate. 

Benefits of  Buying Land in Rum Cay

  • Pristine natural landscapes awaiting discovery
  • The ultimate destination for surf enthusiasts
  • A hub of deep-rooted history and traditions
  • An angler’s dream with the rich marine bounty
  • Potential for a green, sustainable lifestyle

Dive into Rum Cay’s unique real estate opportunities and anchor your dreams in its azure waters.

Andros Island

Andros Island beach

Andros Island, the largest yet one of the least explored islands in The Bahamas, offers unparalleled real estate potential. Land for sale in this verdant paradise encapsulates diverse ecosystems, from dense mangroves to the world’s third-largest barrier reef. 

Acquiring a piece of Andros not only provides an idyllic escape but signifies a sound investment in the heart of The Bahamas. Discover Andros – where nature meets opportunity.

Benefits of Buying Land in Andros Island

  • Pristine showcase of untouched natural beauty
  • Boasting a rich mosaic of diverse ecosystems
  • Renowned as the global hub for bonefishing
  • Home to mesmerizing blue holes that captivate the soul
  • Strategically positioned close to the bustling Nassau

Check out the plentiful Andros real estate opportunities now and plant your roots in a realm of endless wonder. 

Long Island Bahamas

Long island bahamas

Long Island is a slender stretch in The Bahamas. It’s a juxtaposition of serene coves and dramatic cliffs. From the tranquility of Cape Santa Maria to the allure of Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island’s diverse landscape offers a myriad of real estate possibilities. 

For those seeking a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation in a less-traversed Bahamian haven, Long Island real estate stands as a prime choice. 

Benefits of Buying Land in Long Island Bahamas

  • Strategically situated with optimal accessibility
  • Pristine natural beauty like nowhere else
  • Dive into world-class diving spots
  • Expansive choices of beachfront properties
  • Land teeming with agricultural promise

Explore Long Island land listings now to start your own paradise story. 

Cat Island

Cat Island

Cat Island, a whisper in The Bahamas’ expanse, radiates untouched allure and deep-rooted history. Land for sale on this captivating isle unveils a realm of sun-kissed beaches, rolling hills, and age-old traditions. 

Here, where the rhythms of Rake and Scrape music resonate, every plot promises more than just ownership; it’s a heritage intertwined with tales of Arawaks and ceremonies atop Mount Alvernia. 

Benefits of Buying Land in Cat Island

  • Epicenter of cultural heritage
  • Premier destination for boating and fishing
  • Untapped investment opportunities on the rise
  • Biodiversity haven with distinctive flora and fauna
  • Repository of deep-seated history

Explore Cat Island land listings now and embrace the legacy of this captivating isle. 

Exuma & Exuma Cays


Exuma and its constellation of Cays in The Bahamas present a vision of ethereal beauty and unparalleled allure. Land for sale here provides an entry to a world of shimmering sapphire waters, powdery sands, and celebrity-owned private islands

From the mesmerizing allure of the swimming pigs at Big Major Cay to the underwater wonders of Thunderball Grotto, Exuma real estate promises a canvas of enchantment and luxury. 

Benefits of Buying Land in Exuma & Exuma Cays

  • A premier destination with world-class marinas
  • Pristine crystal-clear waters that await exploration
  • Central hub for boating and sailing enthusiasts
  • Adjacent to luxury resort destinations
  • Exceptional potential for investment growth

Explore Exuma and Exuma Cays’ land offerings now and anchor your legacy amidst sapphire waters and sunlit shores.

Eleuthera Land

Eleuthera Land

Eleuthera weaves a tale of pink sands, crystalline waters, and timeless charm. Land for sale in this Bahamian jewel offers a mosaic of breathtaking coastlines, historic settlements, and hidden coves. Renowned for its iconic Glass Window Bridge and delectable pineapples, Eleuthera land is a synthesis of nature’s grandeur and cultural depth. 

Benefits of Buying Land in Eleuthera

  • Access to crystal-clear waters
  • Rich biodiversity and vibrant ecology
  • Premier destination for surfing and boating enthusiasts
  • Steady growth for sound investments
  • Potential for sustainable organic farming

Dive deep into Eleuthera’s land offerings and let your dream of island ownership come to life. 


Why You Should Buy Land in The Bahamas


beach in The Bahamas


So, what makes land in The Bahamas a solid purchase? And why would someone prefer it to an already-built piece of property?

Here’s our take: 


Great Investment

Any purchase in The Bahamas is a fabulous investment. If you’re considering residential developments for leasing, you’ll have no shortage of available tenants. The Bahamas has regular immigration increases annually, not to mention the millions of tourists seeking short-term rentals each year. 

Also, land purchases will come at a lower price than a comparable property with a house. Perfect for those on a budget who may need more time to map out expenses and plan their projects. 

Finally, property prices in The Bahamas increase every year. If you buy some land now, you might not even need to build on it for it to be a good investment. Sit on it for a few years and see how much a return you can get! 


Building Customization 

Don’t get us wrong: The Bahamas is home to some of the most innovative architectural masterpieces in the world. Houses, villas, luxury mansions, and even condos have unique interior design and taste — but building new allows for ultimate customization offered by buying land first. 

Think of everything predetermined when purchasing a house. Imagine having the final say on every detail — flooring, countertops, ceiling fixtures, colors, layout, and more! 


Residency Opportunities  

You’ll access similar residency opportunities after buying Bahamian land as you would purchasing regular property. As long as the purchase price is at least $500,000, you can obtain a permanent residence permit after purchasing land. 

A nice bonus? Add your spouse and kids to your application at no cost. 


Vacant Land & Property for Sale in The Bahamas

We discussed where to buy Bahamian land, but how do you find spots for your most specific needs?

Which islands offer the best beachfront land for development? Is there such a thing as affordable land in The Bahamas?


Nassau Property for Sale 


Nassau’s a big city, so where should you look for land? Luckily, you have tons of options in such a dynamic place. 

Craving something along the beach? Try something near: 

  • Cable Beach
  • Lyford Cay
  • Coral Harbor
  • Adelaide Beach

Looking for something more inland? Nassau has tons of culture and flavor to offer away from the beach in neighborhoods like:

  • The Grove
  • Downtown Nassau
  • Flamingo Gardens
  • New Providence

See for yourself! Check out all our lovely Nassau listings

Beachfront Land for Sale in The Bahamas


beach front bahamas


Cat Island, Lyford Cay, Exuma, Eleuthera — take your pick! There’s no shortage of beachfront land for sale in The Bahamas. However, depending on the island, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. 

Big beachfront lots on Eleuthera Island can run as high as 30,000,000, but those are for massive, hundred-acre lots. You might also find some modest, single-family lots in the 1,000,000 range in Bimini or Exuma. 

Explore beachfront land in The Bahamas!


Affordable Land for Sale in The Bahamas 


Believe it or not, you can find land under $200,000 in The Bahamas. Mind you, it probably won’t be beachfront land, but you won’t be far from the sparkly coastline. 

Also, you’re looking at less acreage at this price point. Expect around a 4-acre Bimini lot for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Or, you could find modest single-family lots for 90,000 in Grand Bahama. 

Discover Bahamian land under $200,000!


Vacant Land for Sale in Freeport Bahamas 


vacant land bahamas


Every agent will advise you to invest in Freeport if you’re looking on Grand Bahama Island. A port city, Freeport is the second-most populous Bahamian city, rich with economic opportunity, tourism, immigration, and more. 

The best part? It’s still super affordable. Modest homes could be as low as $80,000, with plots of land running even less. 

Explore vacant land in Freeport!


Land for Sale in Love Estates

Love Estates land


Love Estates is a prime Bahamian location, placing you minutes away from Lyford Cay, Cable Beach, Nassau Airport, and more. The development includes various-sized family residential land lots for sale and dedicated land for commercial enterprise. 

You’ll find lots ranging from $200,000 to $1,000,000, with many residential lots sitting at the $400,000 mark. 

Look at Love Estates land for sale!


Where is the best place for land in The Bahamas?

Bottom line? Anywhere in The Bahamas is a fantastic place to buy land. Of course, beachfront lots are the most desirable and more expensive, but imagine the possibilities and luxury. Bahamian land can be the starting point for your new home, or the humble beginning of a successful commercial development. 

Looking for a land for your own personal luxury real estate in The Bahamas? Contact us at MCR Bahamas. We can help!

Bahamas Land for Sale: The Ultimate Guide [2024]

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