Bahamas Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

Bahamas real estate landscape
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Tropical weather, beautiful blue waters, and white sandy beaches are just the start of the benefits of living in The Bahamas. Incredible education, exciting culture, and financial advantages make the island a destination for travelers and expats alike. 

But, where do you start on the hunt for your perfect Bahamas property? Finding your way around the complexities of Bahama real estate is possible with the guidance of a qualified Bahamas real estate company

Read on for our complete guide to Bahamas luxury real estate.


Choosing a Bahamas Island

Bahamas island

While The Bahamas has many beautiful islands, here are some with great Bahamas real estate opportunities. 


Bahamas Real Estate in Nassau

As the capital city of The Bahamas, Nassau is a tropical metropolis. It’s the central hub of business, education, government, and arts. Over 70% of the total population of The Bahamas live in Nassau, contributing to its vibrant culture. 

The allure of Nassau appeals to anyone looking for a second home in paradise or expatriates who want a permanent change without losing the feel of living in a big city.


Purchase Abacos Real Estate

If you love boating and would rather stay away from the crowded tourist spots, The Abacos are for you. Known as the boating capital of The Bahamas, The Abacos provides the perfect environment for all the water sports: boating, sailing, snorkeling, diving and more.  

It’s considered one of the best places to live in The Bahamas, and it’s no wonder! With 17 marinas, six national parks, and many inlets along the coastline, The Abacos have plenty to keep visitors and residents entertained.


Paradise Island Real Estate

Not far from Nassau, connected by bridge, sits the aptly-named Paradise Island. Home to the iconic Atlantis Resort, this tourist paradise is also home to many residents who enjoy the many recreational activities it offers. 

Living on Paradise Island means you’ll always have access to a wide variety of dining options, a vivid nightlife, great shopping, world-class golf courses, and living like a tourist. And don’t forget, it’s also home to some of the best beaches in The Bahamas, like Cabbage Beach.


Real Estate on Eleuthera

If you’re looking for something more slow-paced but still wanting to enjoy the beauty and history of The Bahamas, Eleuthera is a great option. These beautiful islands stand out for their spectacular pink sand beaches and quiet island living. 

While the Grand Bahama and Freeport areas have the most international recognition, Eleuthera has exceptional beaches and natural beauty. 


Invest in Exuma & Exuma Cays

The Exumas are a collection of about 365 islands that sit in water such a distinct shade of blue that it’s visible from outer space. The three regions that make up the District of Exuma are  Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and the Exuma Cays. 

George Town, the capital of Exuma, is home to an international airport offering regular  flights to the U.S. and Canada. If you’re looking to live a carefree island lifestyle in a luxury private home close to a major airport, The Exumas might be for you.


Bahamas Property Types

bahamas island property

Bahamas Condos

Carefree living in a beachfront Bahamian condo provides a lifestyle that appeals to free spirits and investors alike. If you’re looking for more leisure in your life, and less home maintenance, you may want to consider a condo. 

You’ll enjoy all the amenities without having to worry about upkeep. 


Oceanfront & Oceanviews

The ultimate luxurious living occurs in residences that face the magnificent blue ocean waters. Luckily, The Bahamas have plenty of options, with oceanfront property available on almost every island for residential and commercial use. 


Private Islands

Private islands are the next level in privacy and exclusivity. And while their price point puts them out of reach for most, there are often a few to choose from around The Bahamas.


Luxury Mansions

There are many luxury communities spread throughout The Bahamas. Businesspeople, authors, celebrities and many more choose to live here for the elegant offerings and exceptional locations. 

The average price for a luxury home in The Bahamas is around $3.5 million, and can go up to over $100 million. Prices depend on location, lot size, home size, outbuildings, finishes, amenities, and other factors.

If you’d prefer to try it before you buy it, why not consider renting a mansion to get a feel for the lifestyle?


Land & Lots

There’s no shortage of land to buy in The Bahamas. The country’s many islands are prime for residential and commercial development opportunities, with new projects built every year. 

Unrealized potential for development enhances the experience of buying undeveloped land in The Bahamas.


Luxury Communities in The Bahamas


bahamas place


Thanks to the emphasis on amenities, discretion, and relaxation, Bahamas luxury communities are a perfect place for anyone to appreciate the island life. 



Albany is one of the most sought after luxury communities as it provides that air of luxury while still being laid back and relaxed. Located in New Providence, Albany spans across 600 acres of magnificent experiences including amazing sporting opportunities, picturesque oceans views, and amazing architecture. 

Looking for a future home? Albany has a multitude of real estate offerings including beachfront villas, marina residence, boho-designed court villas, as well as the more prominent estate homes. This modern island way of life suits tropical beach loving families from around the world.

If you enjoy a good game of golf, Albany is where you want to be! Visit Ernie Els 18-hole golf course. If you visit during the Hero World Challenge, you may spot Tiger Woods as he hosts this PGA championship tour event featuring 20 of the world’s best golfers.


Cable Beach

Known for its picturesque shorelines, Cable Beach is conveniently located near to downtown Nassau. It’s a luxury community offering houses, ocean-front condominiums, and some hotels for vacations, like the exquisite Baha-Mar.  

The luxury community of Cable Beach is laid-back and not overly crowded, leaving community owners and visitors time to listen to the hush of waves as they climb to the shore only to be pulled back into ocean hues of blue. It’s the perfect getaway experience that will leave you wanting to come back.


Eastern Road

Eastern Road is a historic, mostly residential community located along the northeastern coast of New Providence. Brightly painted, colonial style houses line the tree shaded roads. 

Home to many international dignitaries and accomplished Bahamian families, most Eastern Road real estate includes an ocean view with access for walks through the tropical paradise of foliage and into a welcoming sea glistening with ocean views as far as one can see.


Ocean Club Estates

Ocean Club Estates is located on the easternmost tip of Paradise Island. Adjacent to “the narrows,” Ocean Club Estates is connected to Nassau via two bridges. 

Ocean Club Estate respects the privacy one might desire with only 121 prime residential property lots. Property in the Ocean Club Estates community generally only stays on market for a short number of days. Potential buyers need to act fast!

Although a quiet neighborhood, there is still much to do in and around Ocean Club Estates. Featuring one of the best golf courses in the world, Ocean Club Estates has entertained Michael Jordan’s Celebrity Invitational as well as the Office Depot Father/Son Celebrity Classic. 


Old Fort Bay

Old Fort Bay is home to a private member’s club. This community is set on land that was once a fort and has now been restored into a luxury community. Following restoration, Old Fort Bay opened its majestic gate (literally) in 2002. 

Since this community was once a fort to keep pirates at bay, Old Fort Bay is located on a ridge, above the ocean. Parts of the fort were renovated and restored to be the clubhouse of the community. Still rich in history, Old Fort Bay displays an ornate cannon to signify its past.


Palm Cay

Not far from the city of Nassau, you’ll encounter 69-acres of the fast growing developmental property, Palm Cay. Sitting on beaches of white, powder soft sand and next to crystal clear ocean water, this community encompasses 300 marine homes, including condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes. 

Opting for the laid-back get away from busy life, residents can opt to live in one of Palm Cay’s recently transformed 300 marina homes. The marina has been voted the best marina in The Bahamas for five consecutive years!  


Port New Providence

Port New Providence highlights a private, secure community of townhomes and luxury condominiums. 

Because Port New Providence sees more tourists than other communities, there is ample parking to accommodate residents and visitors alike. Just minutes away from retail shopping, banking, and gym, Port New Providence also provides its residents with a family-oriented member’s club. Even with all of these amenities, of course, Port New Providence also has their luxury private beaches.



Sandyport is a family-friendly gated community of Nassau. Nearly every home within the community is waterfront and has its own dock. Many Sandyport homeowners return every year to relax, escape from reality, and enjoy the natural wonders right outside their doors.

This community features a boutique resort with less than 100 rooms to keep that quaint, on-holiday feel. This community is a place for visitors to slip off the radar and enjoy the tropical hideaways it has to offer. The resort is known for the amazing experience from the staff, the service, and the beautiful coastal setting. 


What The Bahamas Offers Buyers

bahamas island beach

1. Perfect Climate

Consistent temperatures in The Bahamas welcome visitors and residents to enjoy sunshine almost every day. The prevalent trade winds provide an average of 84 degrees F on the hottest day in August, and 72 on the coldest day in January. The water averages the same temperature as the air, making swimming a delightful activity.


2. Economic Benefits

Any money you earn from rental properties, investments, or other foreign sources won’t be taxed by the country. The same goes for estate tax, gift and inheritance tax, and capital gains tax. 

It’s an exceptionally convenient location for people in the property business. While the country does charge property tax, it’s nominal compared to that of some cities in the United States.


3. Luxury Boating

Exceptional views of The Bahamas on luxury cruises reveal nature’s wonderful reefs, ideal diving spots, extraordinary snorkeling and swimming under the Caribbean sun. Luxury yachts offer the perfect way to slow down and escape from demands. An evening view of a gorgeous sunset at sea remains memorable for a lifetime.


4. Golfing

The near perfect weather and stunning ocean backdrops make The Bahamas an exciting golf destination. With many of the courses designed by golf’s greatest players, you’ll feel like a champion whether you’re a novice or a pro.

Check out these internationally acclaimed courses, as recognized by the World Golf Awards:

  • Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club, The Exumas – Best Golf Club 2014, 2015, and 2021
  • Albany Golf Course, Nassau & Paradise Island – nominee for Best Golf Course various years
  • Grand Lucayan – The Reef Golf Course, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island – nominee for Best Golf Course various years
  • The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, The Abacos – Best Golf Course, 2016 & 2018
  • Atlantis Paradise Island – The Ocean Club Golf Course, Nassau & Paradise Island – Best Golf Course 2017 & 2019, and Caribbean’s Best Golf Course 2021
  • Lyford Cay Golf Course, Nassau & Paradise Island – Best Golf Course 2020
  • Baker’s Bay Golf Course, The Abacos – nominee for Best Golf Course various years

Not only do the courses boast expansive sea-views, but challenges like natural sand dunes, mangrove clusters, and rocky outcrops. Don’t forget the sea breezes, which can help or hinder your game.


5. Natural Excursions

The unparalleled beauty in The Bahamas can amaze the most seasoned travelers. In a natural setting combining the best of land and sea, visitors can enjoy experiences available nowhere else. 

Home to the world’s third largest barrier reef, the Andros Barrier Reef stretches for 190 miles off the coast of Andros Island. This diving and snorkeling hotspot is just one of the many on offer in The Bahamas. 

But if you’d rather stay out of the water, there are many nature and eco-tours available. You can stroll through some of their National Parks, take a horseback ride, do some birdwatching, or even join a bicycle or segway tour through the towns.

6. Wonderful Culture

The culture of The Bahamas blends African traditions with European and other influences to create a country of about 400,000 uniquely delightful people. Reflecting a mid ocean location, the cuisine caters to the preference for fish, shrimp, crab, conch and other seafood delicacies. 

Music and dance hold respected positions in the culture, incorporating Afro-Caribbean influences.


Tips for Buying Bahamas Real Estate

Bahamas real estate

1. Decide a Location 

The Bahamas aren’t just a popular vacation destination. This exquisite tropical paradise offers up some of the best locations to settle down and lay roots. Whether you’re looking for a private sanctuary, a waterfront property, or a city-based condominium, The Bahamas has it all. 


2. Make a Budget 

Home prices in The Bahamas range anywhere from $500,000 into the millions. While the house price itself may be in your range, keep in mind that you’ll need to secure a large sum of capital for your down payment, usually around 33.3%. 

That price will go up if you’re planning on building a home. In that case, banks will usually only lend you 50% of the purchase price (requiring a 50% down payment from you).

Do some research on the prices of homes in your desired area. This will give you a ballpark idea of what your budget should be.


3. Consider a Mortgage

It isn’t hard to get a mortgage in The Bahamas, but as an expat, the process is different than if you were to obtain a mortgage in your home country. 

There are many banks offering mortgage services and conditions to help you find the right loan. From construction and home equity loans to conventional mortgages for residential properties, The Bahamas has a wide variety of options for international buyers, residents, and locals. 


Tips for Selling Bahamas Real Estate


Bahamas real estate

1. Preparation

Curb appeal attracts buyers, and can be simple to achieve if the structure of the home is in good condition. Fresh paint, clean outdoor spaces, and tidy landscaping may be all that’s needed outdoors. 

Inside, the goal is to make the home as neutral as possible so as many people as possible could envision themselves in the space. A deep clean, decluttering, paint and staging could have your house ready to sell. But if your decor, fixtures, and appliances are outdated, you may want to consider a more in-depth refresh. 


2. Pricing

Setting the sale price for your home requires you to consider the local market supply and demand. Every seller wants to get as much for their property as possible without it sitting on the market for months. 

A comparison with prices for similar homes in your area, can help you set the right amount. 


3. Expertise

The best real estate agents can help you with all of these aspects of buying and selling a home. They provide you with knowledge of the local area, tried-and-tested marketing strategies, and expert negotiation skills to help you buy or sell your home. 

There’s never been a better time to buy, and the MCR Bahamas team can guide you through the process. Buying a property can be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and it pays to hire experienced real estate agents with a solid agency behind them. 

This is especially true if you’re an international buyer, don’t know the locations, and can’t always be on-site during the home-buying process. Their knowledge of the Bahamian real estate market, along with their experience helping hundreds of foreign buyers find their dream homes, makes them the perfect choice.


Find Your Dream Luxury Bahamas Real Estate

Realizing your goal of living in The Bahamas can happen sooner than you imagine. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort condo, an oceanfront apartment, or an opulent waterfront estate, The Bahamas has it all. 

Contact us at MCR Bahamas today so we can help you get started on your exciting journey!

Bahamas Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

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