Bahamas Mansions: Buying & Renting Luxury Mansions in The Bahamas

Relocating to The Bahamas–whether as a permanent resident or just for a vacation–gives you the chance to find the best luxury Bahamas mansion for you and your family.  If you’re daydreaming about sky-high ceilings and blossoming courtyards, sun-soaked living rooms, and contemporary architecture, renting or buying a luxury home in The Bahamas might be the […]

Can a U.S. Citizen Own Property in The Bahamas? Yes & Here’s How

The Bahamas is a popular destination for U.S. citizens looking to own property. In fact, there’s an entire economy that revolves around buying and selling properties in The Bahamas: the country is one of the most popular places in the world to buy vacation homes.  Many U.S. citizens want to own property in The Bahamas–and […]

Foreign Investment Board of The Bahamas: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a non-Bahamian that purchased investment property in The Bahamas? You must register that property through The Foreign Investment Board Bahamas, or Bahamas Investment Authority. The same goes for time-shares, new businesses, and development project proposals.  The Bahamas Investment Authority (sometimes referred to as the Foreign Investment  Board Bahamas) is a government agency that […]

Education in The Bahamas: Everything You Need to Know

Every parent or aspiring parent considering relocation to the Bahamas has one burning question on their mind: will my child receive a quality education in the Bahamas? Whether for primary school or post-secondary/tertiary education, you want to ensure your kids get the absolute best. How do the universities rank? Is it prudent to focus on […]

Is The Bahamas a Tax Haven? How The Bahamas is a Tax Neutral Country

Who wouldn’t want to pay fewer taxes on their income?  Tax havens for individuals and businesses offer savings and peace of mind. Whether it’s The Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, or the Marshall Islands, many foreign investors are attracted to the thought of minimal taxes. And the excuse to visit a tropical country doesn’t hurt either! […]

How to Get Permanent Residency in the Bahamas with a Bahamas Residence Visa

Who wouldn’t want to live in a magical collection of islands that celebrates the natural beauty of the Caribbean? Living in The Bahamas–and even getting permanent residency there–is a distant dream for many worldwide, but it doesn’t have to be–   Here at MCR Bahamas, we help countless clients from the US, Canada, the UK, […]

Bahamas Property Tax Explained: What is The Bahamas Real Property Tax?

Moving to The Bahamas has a number of benefits and perks. Beside the near-perfect, beautiful weather all year round and the vast number of great outdoor activities, there are some tax incentives that make the move to The Bahamas even more appealing. Understanding real estate property tax in The Bahamas is an excellent starting point […]

Best Banks for Mortgages in The Bahamas: Scotia Bank vs Commonwealth Bank vs Central Bank of The Bahamas

If you’re considering a relocation down to The Bahamas, you’ve likely wondered which are the best banks for getting mortgages in The Bahamas. Buying and managing property abroad isn’t as clear-cut as buying in your home country, even if you’re a new Bahamian resident. Foreign financial institutions may have different:   Loan conditions Registration requirements […]

Bahamas Citizenship Guide: By Marriage, Investment, Dual Citizenship & More

Are you dreaming of becoming a Bahamian citizen? Perhaps you’re planning for Bahamas citizenship through an investment property, or are automatically looking to naturalize after years of residency. You might even consider Bahamas citizenship by marriage.  Bahamas citizenship requirements are extensive, but there’s a reason why so many immigrants from the United States, Canada, and […]

Best Places to Live in The Bahamas: Safest Places to Live & Where to Live

The Bahamas aren’t just a popular vacation destination. This exquisite tropical paradise offers up some of the best locations to settle down and live in. Whether you’re looking for safety, a waterfront property, or a city-based condominium, The Bahamas has is all.  There are endless reasons to move to The Bahamas: from great tax incentives […]

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