Best Luxury Yacht and Boat Rentals in The Bahamas

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The Bahamas is a luxury stop for yachts and boating. If you love the water, and all that comes with it—from sailing to swimming in crystal clear waters or just relaxing on the beach—you’ll find paradise in The Bahamas. For those who want to combine their love of luxury with their love of the sea, there’s no place like this island chain.

As you explore the beauty of The Bahamas, you may be surprised by the luxury real estate market and find yourself searching for the home of your dreams! Relocating to The Bahamas offers you full access to everything this wondrous island has to offer. 


Bahamas Yacht Charters: Everything You Need To Know

yacht in the bahamas

Types of Charter Yachts in The Bahamas

The most popular types of charter yachts in the Bahamas are: crewed motor yacht charters, sailing yacht charters and luxury catamaran charters. Other types of charter yachts can include:

  • Displacement 
  • Semi displacement
  • Open
  • Fishing
  • Hybrid
  • Classic
  • Explorer

Depending on the length of travel (one day trips or 3-5 day trips are most popular), each type of charter offers something a little bit different. 


How Much Does It Cost to Charter or Rent a Yacht In the Bahamas?

The cost of chartering a yacht or boat in the Bahamas depends on the size of your vessel and the length of your charter. For motor yacht rentals, prices typically range at $42,100- $1.47 million per week plus expenses and luxury sailing yachts can range from $30,000 to $343, 476 weekly plus expenses. 


When is the Best Time to Visit the Bahamas by Yacht?

The Bahamas is a popular choice for yacht chartering because of its beautiful waters and fantastic weather. The waters around The Bahamas are fairly shallow which makes it the ideal place for luxury charters! The Bahamas is an ideal choice for boating because of the beautiful sunshine year round. Peak season for yacht chartering and boating is mid-December to mid-April. 

While the weather is generally warm all year round, hurricane season runs from June until the end of November along the US East Coast and the Carribbeans, and the Western Caribbean experiences their own hurricane season from mid-September to early November. 

However, keep in mind that hurricanes in The Bahamas are not as frequent compared to the US East Coast. 


Where Should I Begin My Yacht Charter In the Bahamas?

A popular destination to embark on a yacht charter in The Bahamas is Nassau, known as one of the best international ports. Nassau allows for convenient cruising to the Exumas and other popular areas. 

If you’re looking for something away from crowds, Abaco Islands could also be a great place to start your luxury journey! 


Best Luxury Yacht Charters in The Bahamas 

Looking to charter a luxury yacht in The Bahamas? Try any of these great yacht companies.



IYC logo

IYC provides comprehensive management services for superyachts. IYC prides themselves on being able to offer yachts that operate cost effectively and efficiently while never compromising the relationships and quality of the captains and crews. 

They tailor their offers to fit the renters needs, meaning they are client focused in delivering personalized service. IYC offers services to and around The Abacos, Nassau, Harbour Island and Eleuthera.

yacht rentals and charters in the bahamas

Pricing: Price is dependent on boat type and rental length but typically ranges from $15,700 to $1.2 million 

Contact: Contact IYC for more information here or by phone at +1-954-522-2323 

Charter World

charterworld logo

CharterWorld is a leading yacht charter specialist that has an experienced team to help understand your wants and needs when it comes to luxury yacht chartering. They offer a vast number of different yachts and boats. 

CharterWorld is a proud member of the Worldwide Yachting Association, ensuring that they uphold the highest ethical and technical standards. You can contact CharterWorld directly to inquire about the various locations that they serve.


yacht rentals in the bahamas

Pricing: CharterWorld charters yachts on a weekly basis and pricing ranges from around $5,000 to over $100,000. 

Contact: Contact CharterWorld for more information here


yachtlife logo

YachtLife offers charter yachts in Nassau. For individuals that love being out on the sea frequently, YachtLife offers a membership program that provides benefits like special pricing, discounts and offers on products and services and exclusive member-only events. 

YachtLife offers half day and full day rentals. 

yacht charters in the bahamas

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on the type of boat and length of rental time but can start at $3,500 to $145,000 for full day rentals. 

Contact: Contact YachtLife for more information here or by phone at +1-305-676-2097. 



Bahamas Boat Rentals: Everything You Need to Know

boat rentals in the bahamas

Do you need a boating license to rent a boat in The Bahamas? 

A boating license is not required to rent a boat in The Bahamas. You would fill out a sailing resume and it’s recommended to charter a vessel within your experience. You are able to hire a crew or skipper if needed. 

A cruising permit is needed for any foreign, private, and non-commercial pleasure boats to set sail in Bahamian waters. This can be obtained two ways:

  1. Online (preferred method): There are three official cruising permit vendors.

When applying you will need to provide the following information:

  • Vessel’s registration
  • COVID-19 Travel Health Visa
  • Passenger/crew identification documents
  • Permits for pets
  • List of firearms and ammunition


How much does it cost to rent a boat in The Bahamas? 

The cost of renting a boat in The Bahamas will vary but generally is between $373 and $100,000+ for a full day depending on the type of boat. 


Types of Bahamas boat rentals

There are a number of different options when it comes to boat rentals in The Bahamas. Depending on what you are looking for boat rentals can include: 


  • Fishing
  • Pontoon 
  • Bachelorette and bachelor party boats
  • Standard party 
  • Small boats
  • Sailboats
  • Houseboats
  • Motorboat
  • Trimaran 
  • RIB 

Length of rental time will be dependent on what you’re looking for as well. Again, day rentals are popular as well as 3 and 5 day rentals. 


Best Boat Rentals in The Bahamas

Ready to take a boat out in The Bahamas? Choose one of these great Bahamas boat rental companies. 


Long Island Bahamas Boat Rentals and Tours 

Long Island Bahamas Boat Rentals and Tours is a family owned and operated business dedicated to quality. They offer a number of different types of boats with rental lengths of 1, 2-6 and 7+ and as well as a monthly rate. 

They also offer guided and birding tours and a number of fun extras like kayaks and fishing gear for additional costs. 


yacht and boat rental


Pricing: Prices start at $275 for one day. 2-6 day rentals can start at $190 per day and 7+ days start at $170 to $255 per day.

Contact: or +1 (242) 472-2590


Sunset Marine & Boat Rentals

sunset marine and boat rentals logo

Sunset Marine & Boat Rentals offers service in Green Turtle Cay in The Abacos and are able to visit any other settlements in The Abacos as well as other nearby uninhabited areas. Aside from boat rentals, they also offer boat repairs for your own privately owned boat. 

For individuals looking to rent a boat for fishing, Sunset Marine & Boat Rentals also sells bait for easy convenience. 


sunset marine and boat rentals in the bahamas

Pricing: Depending on the type of boat, daily rates can start at $120 and can start at $700 for a week rental.

Contact:, +1 242-365-4634 or +1 772-539-9514


KeepItSalty Adventures

KeepItSalty Adventures logo

KeepItSalty Adventures offers a half day (4 hours), part day (6 hours) and a full day (8 hours) trip. These trips include a visual historical tour of Nassau harbor as well as stops at Green Cay and Sandy Cay with additional stops at Rose Island for 6 and 8 hour trips and Athol Island for the full day trip. 


KeepItSalty Adventures in the bahamas


  • Half day starts at $2,050 
  • Part day starts at $3,050
  • Full day starts at $3,950

Contact: or +1 242-433-8072 or +1 954-268-4121


Most Popular Super-yacht Hotspots in the Bahamas

yachting in the bahamas

The Abacos

The Abacos are known as the boating capital of The Bahamas. With its unique geography, it’s a perfect spot to explore! The Abacos really embody the laid-back Bahamian lifestyle that many people are drawn to. It’s an ideal location for those looking for something a bit more secluded and quiet. 

You can find Pelican Cay here, a breathtaking 2,100 marine reserve, as well as the beautiful Fowls Cay, a terrific spot for surfing. The Abacos is also the home to the renowned Treasure Cay Beach. Treasure Cay Beach is best known for its stunning white sands and pristine beaches.

boat rental in the bahamas

The Exumas

The Exumas are the ideal location for anyone that enjoys watersports. It’s the ultimate cruising destination because of the shallow waters where you’ll find no cruise ships in sight! It’s home to the famous Pig Beach, a popular spot that many people try to visit because you get the opportunity to swim along-side the internet famous pigs! 

Not too far from Pig Beach, you can also check out Compass Cay where you swim along with the nurse sharks. You can immerse yourself in Bahamian culture with a quick trip onshore to Georgetown. 

the exumas boat rentals


Eleuthera comes from the Greek word, freedom, and that’s exactly what this island embodies with its Bahamian charm. This secluded island is a little over 100 miles long and is a unique destination that definitely should be on your list of places to visit. 

It’s a perfect spot to charter a yacht or boat because of the remarkable pink, sandy beaches and the distinct pastel-colored homes.

eleuthera boat rentals

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is located northwest of Eleuthera and is another spot unique gem that The Bahamas has to offer. Harbour Island is home to the Pink Sand Beach, which gets its name from the rosy hue of the sand. The sand has this beautiful rosy color due to the presence of tiny crushed coral seashells which is surprisingly great for a barefoot stroll and cool to the touch! 

Luxury lovers may find Harbour Island to be the perfect spot to explore because onshore you’ll find Dunmore Town, a designer lover’s dream for boutique shopping! 


Harbour Island the bahamas

Conclusion: Best luxury yacht and boat rentals in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is truly a standout destination for luxury yacht and boat rentals. These beautiful islands offer so much to enjoy and explore. It’s easy to fall in love and understand why so many expats choose The Bahamas to relocate to. 

If you find yourself looking to settle down in The Bahamas, you’ll find a number of luxury communities as well as luxury rental homes.

 Ready for your luxury home in the Bahamas? Contact us at MCR Bahamas, we can help!

Best Luxury Yacht and Boat Rentals in The Bahamas

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