The Best Luxury Real Estate Agents in the Bahamas

Mario Carey

Bahamian real estate agents are the ultimate professionals when it comes to selling and buying homes in an island paradise. With an average listing price of $2 million and a booming economy, many families and individuals are looking to buy and sell their inland and waterfront homes. 

And, international investors can take advantage of The Bahamas’ generous economic policy permitting them to purchase up to five acres without requiring written permission from the government. The policy helps hundreds, if not thousands of buyers from the United States, Canada, Britain, and Italy each year. 

The truth is, there’s no better time to embrace a real estate opportunity in the Bahamas. The pandemic instigated a 9.2% spike in the average price for properties, and experts anticipate that number will continue to rise. 

But as a foreign buyer, your knowledge of real estate Bahamas might not be as comprehensive as in your own country. That’s why it’s best to enlist the services of the best real estate agents in The Bahamas.

At Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas, our agents are skilled in building long-lasting relationships with clients, have intimate knowledge of the Bahamian real estate market, and can provide you with resources that will guarantee you the best experience possible.

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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent & Agency in the Bahamas 

Since buying a property can be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, you want to make sure you hire a strong real estate agent and agency. And this is especially true if you’re an international buyer and can’t always be on-site during the home-buying process.  

Here are a few tips on choosing the best real estate agents Bahamas:

  • Ask for references: Look for outstanding reviews and ask for contact information for clients that have successfully bought Bahamian properties with that agency. If the agency has trouble providing them, that’s a red flag. 
  • Look for full-time agents: Buying properties, especially foreign ones, can be more complicated. You want an agency that has full-time agents with the availability and schedule to be on top of the latest listings and trends. Part-time agents won’t reply as promptly, can’t spend as much time researching trends, and might not make important offers in time. 
  • Find agents with experience in the neighborhoods you’re interested in: Does the agent know which area you’re looking to buy? Have they bought and sold properties there in the past? Interview a few agents to find the ones that specialize in your ideal neighborhoods. 

Reach out to Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas today to get started with your Bahama purchasing journey. 


Best Real Estate Agents in the Bahamas


Tim Rodland 

According to many MCR Bahamas clients, Tim Rodland is one of the best real estate agents in The Bahamas by far. Having a knack for sales ever since he was a teen, Tim fostered this passion at New York Clarkson University, where he graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Business

Shortly after joining Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MCR Bahamas, Tim sold a $13.5 million beachfront property, and the success continued from there–including being named one of the youngest real estate agents in history to hit the world’s top three percent in sales. It’s no wonder he’s since been named Managing Partner and Broker at Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Fox Hill, Sandyport, Serenity, Governors Harbour, West Bay Street, Coral Harbour, Yamacraw, Winton, Lyford Cay, Exuma Cays, Nassau New Providence, Blake Road, Delaporte Point, Cable Beach, Love Beach, Paradise Island, Ocean Club Estates, Skyline, Cable Beach


Phone: 242-357-7475



Timothy Smith 

Timothy Smith has built a respectful reputation as one of the most exceptional real estate agents in the Bahamas. Born into a real estate family in Nassau, Tim is a Business Administration graduate from Georgia State University. 

His strong work ethic and extroverted personality led him back home to work at one of The Bahama’s top accounting firms. Later, he jumped into real estate and quickly became a top performer at Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas Group

He’s well-versed in helping international and local buyers purchase all properties, from commercial investments to residential condominiums. He earned the prestigious title of Overall Top Producer of the Year at the firm two years in a row. And in 2021, he was appointed Partner.

When he’s not helping clients pick top properties and drafting stellar offers, Tim likes to play watersports and loves diving. 

Explore properties with Timothy and Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas!

Bahamas Locations Covered: Gun Point North Eleuthera, Ocean Club Estates, Port New Providence, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, Chippingham, Columbus Cove, Saffron Hill, Bahamar


Phone: 242-426-7292



Antoine Adderley 

Antoine Adderley started his career with one of the leading insurance companies here in the Bahamas, and when the door opened for him to join the real estate field he quickly took advantage. 

Antoine has been in the real estate business as a broker and an appraiser, having joined Mario Carey Realty in 2012, and always makes mention that it is his dream job. Continually educating himself about the business, he prides himself on putting customer needs first and has been led by his motto: “service with integrity.” 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Gregory Town, Exumas, Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Coral Harbour, Westridge, Carmichael Road, Village Road, Winton, Nassau New Providence, Oakes Field, East Street South, Fox Hill, West Winds, Camperdown, East Street, Prince Charles, Indigo, Columbus Cove, Mt Vernon, South Westridge, Lyford Cay,  Downtown Bay Street


Phone: 242-465-8951



Olivia Armaly 

Olivia Armaly is an American/Bahamian who has lived in a wide range of places–Nassau, Long Island, Abaco & Central Florida–throughout her life. These experiences give her a deep understanding of the importance of finding your perfect home wherever you are. 

With a background in criminal justice and hospitality, Olivia is both personable and passionate about the work she does as a real estate agent in The Bahamas. 



Bahamas Locations Covered: Bacardi Road


Phone: 242-455-0062



Unni Marie Berg 

Unni Marie Berg is Norwegian, but she has called The Bahamas home for 14 years finding joy in helping people find their dream home. 

With her extensive entrepreneurial business background and her Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Oslo, she has shown to be more than capable as a real estate agent. She realized her dream and her passion, and now her goal is to help others achieve their dreams. 

Plus, with her photographic eye and sense of attractive presentation, she loves to assist homeowners with staging and preparation before their homes go on the market. And what does she do in her spare time? Travels to the more remote islands and beaches in The Bahamas for more adventure and beauty.

Bahamas Locations Covered: Guana Cay, West Bay Street, Columbus Landings.


Phone: 242-577-7511



Livingston Brown  

Livingston Brown’s resiliency, positive attitude, and high level of work ethic make him one of the best real estate agents in the Bahamas. Better Home and Gardens MCR Bahamas is so fortunate to have him on the team!  

With over ten years of experience in the hospitality field–along with his CIPM Accreditation (Certified International Project Manager), CPRM Accreditation (Certified Project Risk Manager) and AHIT (American Home Inspector Training)–he brings a high level of expertise in his approach to real estate sales. 

Livingston’s level of commitment to his clients will assure that they are serviced to the highest degree of professionalism, as well as provide a realistic outlook on the current state of today’s real estate market.

Bahamas Locations Covered: Nassau, Nassau New Providence 


Phone: 242-427-2523



Eli Bullard 

As a licensed Salesman and Appraiser, Eli Bullard’s relaxed and jovial personality enables him to collaborate with colleagues and take care of clients with a smile. Eli continues to educate himself and has gained a number of designations over the span of his career. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Staniard Creek, Cable Beach, Nassau, Nassau New Providence, Berry Islands, and various other parts of Nassau New Providence.




Phone: 242-809-6531



Mario Carey

Mario Carey is the President and CEO of Mario Carey Realty (MCR). He’s well-known as one of The Bahamas’ most respected real estate professionals and and has attained the designations of Broker/Appraiser, former Vice President of Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS).

 Mario not only holds the record of selling the largest beachfront property of $21 million in the Bahamas, but he’s also been the Top Producer of real estate transactions in Ocean Club Estates since 1999.  With over 30 years of sales experience, Carey founded MCR Bahamas in 2008, and now employs a team of highly skilled associates who speak multiple languages and have an incredible passion for their clients, company, and the islands. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Nassau, Westridge, Downtown, Other Paradise Island, Paradise Island, Albany Resort, Other Bahamas, Other Eleuthera, Ocean Club Estates, Sandyport, Serenity, Bacardi Road, Coral Harbour, East Bay Street, Russell Island, George Town, Other New Nassau and Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, West Bay Street, Coral Harbour, Palmdale, Westridge, Carmichael Road, Nassau New Providence.


Phone: 242-357-7013



Samia Donaldson 

Born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Samia Donaldson’s personal connection with The Bahamas is evident in all of her work. Graduating early from high school with honors,  completing an Associates degree in Accounting and then a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Samia’s educational achievements landed her positions at Bahamas Telecommunications Company, the Bahamas Festival Commission, and other distinguished organizations before she began her real estate journey. 

Despite her academic and professional achievements to date, Samia is not all business! She is an avid cook, enjoys reading in her spare time, and can be frequently found on the tennis courts. 

Samia’s marketing experience and skills, coupled with her business knowledge has enabled her to secure over $4M in listings to date–and she doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Her drive for success and her positive outlook propels her to exceed sales targets as well as client expectations. 

Samia’s passion for education and pursuing knowledge shines through her determination to surpass her peers in real estate, and is sure to bring the perfect purchase or sale for her clients. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Mangrove Cay, South Bimini, North Bimini, Other New Nassau and Paradise Island, Cable Beach, Old Fort Bay, Coral Harbour, Westridge, Sea Breeze, Nassau New Providence, Atlantis, Harold Road, Nautica, Nassau, Soldier Road, Balmoral, Venetian West, Sea Beach Estates, Old Fort Bay, West Bay Street, Coral Harbour


Phone: 242-677-8255



Daniel Lowe 

Daniel Lowe takes pride in being resourceful and diligent in obtaining results for his clients, being able to market to both local and international clients. With an understanding of the rental market in Nassau, Danny spearheaded the housing aspect for the relocation of 30+ families for a major trading company.  

He was also the recipient of “Rookie of The Year” in 2016, being the top producer for his bracket at Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas Group, was the top producer in the rentals category in 2018, and was also featured on HGTV’s “Bahamas Life.” 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Other New Nassau and Paradise Islands, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, West Bay Street, East Bay Street, Lyford Cay, Nassau New Providence, Bacardi Road, Caves Heights, The Grove, Ocean Club Estates, Balmoral, Joe Farrington Road, Venetian West, Serenity, One Ocean, Western Road, Cable Beach, Eastern Road, West Bay Street, Downtown, The Balmoral.


Phone: 242-424-3499



Sheldon Pitt  

Looking for your dream properties in Bimini? Licensed agent Sheldon Pitt was born and raised in the smallest, mystical island of The Bahamas and uses that experience and knowledge to make exceptional sales in Bimini and beyond. His real estate experience begins in Toronto, flipping houses and financing various commercial properties, and today he works with the incredible team at Better Home & Gardens MCR Bahamas. 

His small-island upbringing gives him an extra edge in helping families find the perfect, kid-friendly home on the island. And when he’s not making sales, you can find him camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Mangrove Cay, Bimini Bay, South Bimini, North Bimini, Bimini, Eleuthera, Exumas, Cable Beach, Love Beach, Old Fort Bay, West Bay Street. Adelaide, Coral Harbour, Westridge, Sea Breeze, Nassau New Providence, Bay Street, Love Estates, Nassau, Balmoral, Venetian West, Nautica


Phone: 242-544-7509




Andrew Seymour 

Andrew J. Seymour is a young enthusiastic professional that spent his early college life honing his culinary skills at the hotel and tourism training center at the College of the Bahamas. There, he learned the creative and inventive skills which have served him well throughout his real estate career. 

Andrew has always had an interest in real estate, from acquisition to marketing and more. In 2013, Andrew became one of the first ever part-time real estate agents in the Bahamas–as well as the first part-time agent to close a transaction. He then made a television debut by starring in an episode of HGTV Caribbean Life in 2019 demonstrating his real estate agent success. 

Bahamas Locations Covered: Nassau New Providence, Boatswain Hill, Golden Gates, Caves Point, Highland Park, Monastery Park, Pyfroms Addition, Nassau, Serenity, Columbus Cove, Prince Charles Drive


Phone: 242-376-9789




Dean Spychalla 

Dean Spychalla, General Manager of Grand Isles Resort on Exuma, is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality sector, and is a leading Exuma Real Estate Agent at Better Home and Gardens MCR Bahamas

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Dean went on to work for numerous high-profile brands including Norwegian Cruise Line, Driftwood Hospitality, and Prism Hospitality Management.

He’s won several awards, including The Bahamas Hotelier of the Year for 2017, and is currently the President of The Bahamas Out Islands Promotion Board as well as the Senior Vice President of The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association.

Additional Bahamas Locations Covered: Emerald Bay 


Phone: 242-357-0318



Elizabeth Weech 

Last but certainly not least, Elizabeth Weech of Better Home and Gardens MCR Bahamas is a licensed real estate agent and property manager with eight years of experience. 

She moved to The Bahamas in 1994 and has been privy to the nuances involved with relocating and buying property in The Bahamas. She also understands that communication and responsible guidance are paramount to a successful business transaction.

Bahamas Locations Covered: Paradise Island, West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Eastern Road

Nassau New Providence, Bayview Drive, Other North Eleuthera, Coral Harbour.


Phone: 242-557-9567


Conclusion: The Best Bahamas Real Estate Agents 

The best real estate agents in The Bahamas are the ones that make you feel the utmost confidence when purchasing properties. Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas checks every box when it comes to stellar experience, dedicated management, enthusiasm, and knowledge about the Bahamian market. 

Whether you’re an international buyer or a native Bahamian, we’d be happy to help you with all your real estate needs, from residential to commercial. 

Want to start looking for a luxury home in the Bahamas? Contact us at MCR Bahamas so we can help!

The Best Luxury Real Estate Agents in the Bahamas

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