21+ Facts About The Bahamas: Learn All About The Bahamas [2024]

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Everyone knows about The Bahamas’ pristine beaches, blue waters, and stunning weather. But The Bahamas are much more than the frequently visited spots. Not only are these Caribbean islands’ origins rooted in deep history, but they’re also full of interesting facts. 

The Bahamas is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world. With year-round perfect weather, rich history, high education rates, and stunning natural resources, it’s no wonder why The Bahamas attracts so many U.S. citizens and people from all across the globe. 

The team at MCR Bahamas understands the importance of knowing as much as you can about your future home before you move. That’s why we want to share some of the most interesting facts about the world’s most famous and frequented islands. 


The History of The Bahamas

The Bahamas sunlight


Bahamian history began long ago. Lucayans, the first people arriving on the territory that would later become The Bahamas, arrived between 500 and 800 AD. The Lucayans were thought to have come from the territory that is now known as Cuba, and lived on the lush island from about 900-15000 AD. 

The Bahamas has always been a peaceful haven, allowing people from all different backgrounds to coexist. 

There are little to no records between 800 AD and 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guanahani on his first voyage to the New World, which he promptly renamed San Salvador Island. Upon arrival, Columbus met the peaceful Lucayans and took advantage of their accepting nature. Around 25 years after Columbus arrived in The Bahamas, all the Lucayans were wiped from the planet due to diseases, slavery, and hardships. 

Unfortunately, The Bahamas’ tragic story was not over. 

In 1649, a group of English Puritans called “Eleutheran Adventurers” arrived on Eleuthera searching for religious freedom. Unfortunately, they only found food shortages. Captain William Sayle traveled to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to gather the necessary supplies. The captain’s purchase allowed the Massachusetts Colony to buy the land that would later become Harvard University. 

Between the 1600s and 1700s, The Bahamas became a famous resting place for famous pirates. Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read all hunted for treasure on The Bahamas’ beaches. Some believe the treasure is still hidden on the sandy shores. 

In 1783, American colonists brought slaves to Eleuthera in hopes of strengthening their agriculture and shipbuilding skills, which remain a key cultural mark of Eleutheran life today. 

After years of struggle, slavery, and various people seeking refuge, The Hotel SteamShip Service Act of 1898 provided the Bahamian government support to build hotels on its islands. On July 10, 1973, The Bahamas became a free country and is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Today, some of the most notable landmarks in The Bahamas include The College of the Bahamas, which was founded in 1974. 


All About The Bahamas: Facts to Know 

It’s no secret that The Bahamas are rich in culture, activity, history, and nature. Here is everything you need to know about The Bahamas. 

Country of Bahamas Facts

Country of Bahamas


The first fun fact about The Bahamas is the official name. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas consists of 16 major islands that span 100,000 square miles of ocean. The Bahamas archipelago is surrounded by Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, and Florida.

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located on New Providence Island. After gaining independence from the British in 1973, The Bahamas currently operates under a unitary parliamentary and constitutional monarchy. This means the current head of state for The Bahamas is King Charles III. The sovereign, along with The Bahamas Senate and the House of Assembly, complete the Bahamian parliament

English is the main language of The Bahamas. Some locals speak Bahamian Creole, also known as ‘Bahamianese or Bahamian Dialect’ but 87.13% speak English. Bahamian citizens accept both the Bahamian Dollar and the United States dollar as a form of currency. 

In 2023. The Bahamas created a new record for tourism, with over 9.65 million new and returning faces coming to the island. Based on the 2023 census, The Bahamas population stands at 412,628. The Bahamas’ per capita GDP is $44,949. 

Culture of The Bahamas

The bahamas dance


The culture in The Bahamas is unlike anywhere else. Because the islands quickly became a melting pot of settlers and people groups from all over the world, the Bahamian culture reflects a myriad of different cultures, while remaining unique and special to the islands. 

Bahamian culture is mostly rooted in African culture, with British and American influences. The Bahamian people are easygoing, friendly, and hospitable. 

The Bahamas has three indigenous forms of music and dance: 

  • Goombay: This music is considered one of the earliest indigenous forms of Bahamian music. The music originated from Afro-descent and features rhythmic drums. Notable Goombay musicians include George Symonette, Eloise Lewis, and Blind Blake. 
  • Rake and Scrape: Similar to Bahamian culture, this form of music is a perfect blend of European and African music. Rake and Scrape originated on Cat Island. Popular folk music is showcased in traditional musicals, folk plays, and folk operas. 
  • Junkanoo: When people think of traditional Bahamian festivals they picture Junkanoo. The festival originated in the early days of the Bahamas. The festival features colorful costumes, goatskin drums, cowbells, whistles, and horns. Today, this festival takes place on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, accompanied by a ‘rushing’ dance. 

The Bahamas is also known for its rich art culture. Many of the bright colors featured in Junkanoo translate beautifully into Bahamian life, culture, social gatherings, and more. 

Climate in The Bahamas

Grand Bahama climate


The Bahama islands are truly paradise year-round. The average temperature in The Bahamas can fluctuate, ranging from the low 70s in the winter to the low 80s in the summer. The lowest temperatures in The Bahamas are usually in the 60s, perfect for a year-round vacation spot. While some people would assume The Bahamas gets extremely hot, the hottest the island gets is in the mid-90s. 

If you are planning on visiting The Bahamas instead of moving there, we suggest avoiding the infamous rainy season. This season runs from May to October. Residents often see 8-10 inches of rain a month during this time. However, December through May are perfect and sun-filled. The average rainfall each year in The Bahamas is about 44 inches, most of which comes during the rainy season. 

The Bahamas’ hurricane season occurs in the middle of the rainy season, from June to November. Winds often exceed 73 mph during this time. Although hurricanes occur, The Bahama islands are not a prime target and often avoid major disasters. The worst hurricane for The Bahamas was Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

If you want to know more about the temperature in The Bahamas, click here!

Education in The Bahamas

Education in The Bahamas


The Bahamas is most well-known for its education systems. Education is extremely important to Bahamian people. The nation’s adult literacy rate is over 90% and the country is well-known for its professional class, universities, and schooling systems

The Education Act of 1996 allowed every child in the Bahamas access to free education. This act allowed the Ministry of Education to fund education-based projects, while also providing financial assistance for families in The Bahamas who didn’t earn too much over the average salary in The Bahamas

If you want to read a more in-depth review of the Bahamian education system, check out this article

Beaches of The Bahamas

pink beach


The Bahamas are most well-known for their stunning beaches. While all of The Bahamas’ beaches are stunning, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Exuma Beaches: Pig Beach, Jolly Hall Beach, Cocoplum Beach, and all of Exuma’s stunning beaches are known for their crystal-clear water.
  • Pink Sand: The famous Pink Sands beach can be found on Habour Island and Guana Cay. 
  • Best Beaches: The overall best beaches to visit in The Bahamas are Cable Beach, Junkanoo Beach, and Cabbage Beach. 

If you want to read more about the stunning Bahamian beaches, we picked out our favorites here.

Activities in The Bahamas

couple snorkeling



If you want to get active while on the islands, The Bahamas is the perfect place for you. Here are a few popular activities on the island: 

  • Golf Courses: The Bahamas is known for its year-round golf tournaments and perfect golf climate. 
  • Seaplane Tours: Want to see the island in a new way? Seaplane tours and charters provide a new way for visitors and locals to see the stunning island waters. 
  • Island Hopping: Explore all of the Bahamian islands on your next vacation.
  • Water Sports: From snorkeling to jetskiing, the beautiful waters are perfect for relaxing and exploring. 
  • Shopping: Whether you want to take home a bit of Bahamian culture or just pursue the stores, The Bahamas has a plethora of shopping experiences. 

Nature and Wildlife of The Bahamas



The Bahamas has some of the best wildlife, national parks, and natural wonders in the world. 

  • Animals: From Exuma pigs to Bimini Dolphins, you won’t want to miss the stunning wildlife on the island. 
  • National Parks: The Bahamas has 33 national parks, perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the island. 
  • Andros Barrier Reef: The third-largest fringing barrier reef in the world is a sight to behold. The reef drops eight feet into the ocean and spans 6,000 feet. 


More Facts About The Bahamas

Whether you’re interested in beaches, festivals, culture, or little tidbits of information, the history of The Bahamas is as rich and colorful as the island itself. If you’re still curious about The Bahamas, here are a few questions MCR Bahamas often gets asked. 

How did The Bahamas get its name?

Christopher Columbus named The Bahamas, when he saw the shallow sea that surrounded the islands. “Baja mar” means shallow sea. 

What is The Bahamas also known as?

The Bahamas is also known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 

What language do they speak in The Bahamas?

English is the main language of The Bahamas.


Experience Luxury Living in The Bahamas With MCR Bahamas

Although many people come to these islands hoping to find luxury homes and gorgeous beaches, The Bahamas is much more than a pretty vacation spot. 

These luxury islands are steeped in history and culture that has cultivated a stunning community of individuals. While we would hesitate to say anywhere is perfect, life in The Bahamas is about as perfect as it gets. 

The team at MCR Bahamas understands how important it is to know about a community before you buy property there. That’s why our team is full of Bahama natives and locals who are dedicated to giving you the best reviews and information about the island before you move. MCR Bahamas provides our readers with accurate, in-depth reviews for all things Bahamas. 

Moving to The Bahamas is an adventure. The idyllic islands provide their residents with an experience like no other. With festivals, safe communities, rich culture, amazing food, access to world-class education, and natural beauty everywhere you look, it’s no wonder everyone is flocking to the islands.

Whether you’re curious about how to spend your time in paradise, interested in the history of the island that spans nearly 2,000 years, or just want a brief overview of all the interesting facts that make up The Bahamas, we’re glad you chose MCR Bahamas as your guide. 

Ready to set sail for a new adventure? Contact MCR Bahamas and buy your dream home today. 

21+ Facts About The Bahamas: Learn All About The Bahamas [2024]

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