Long Island Bahamas Real Estate Guide [2023]

Long Island Island real estate
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Welcome to the enthralling world of the Bahamian real estate market. Today we’re venturing into the mesmerizing landscapes and serene coastal beauty of Long Island—one of The Bahamas’ hidden gems. 

In this article, we will unveil the wonders of Long Island, Bahamas outlining its unique features, lifestyle offerings, and robust real estate opportunities. From tranquil beaches and bustling marinas to the island’s thriving communities and untouched natural beauty, Long Island presents an irresistible allure to those searching for a slice of tropical paradise to call their own.

So, whether you’re looking for a Bahamas investment property, a family looking for a new place to call home, or an adventurer with a passion for the rare, Long Island has something for everyone. 


What to Know About Long Island Bahamas

It may surprise you that Long Island is not the longest island in The Bahamas. That distinction goes to Eleuthera. However, some claim that it is the most scenic, due to its variety of landscapes. From soft, white sand beaches, to swamps, salt flats, and rocky headlands, you’ll find it all on Long Island. 

This isn’t, however, what Long Island is best known for. There is one magnificent attraction that brings it much acclaim. Long Island is home to one of the deepest underwater sinkholes in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole, which plunges over 600 feet deep. This other-worldly natural feature draws scientists, divers, swimmers, snorkelers, and other enthusiasts all year round.

Long Island Bahamas

More facts about Long Island include:

  • The land area is 596 km²
  • Long Island is approximately 80 miles long and 4 miles wide
  • It is located 165 mi southeast of the Bahamian capital, Nassau
  • As of the 2022 census, Long Island has a population of 2,887

Long Island Bahamas History

The local lore claims that the island’s name originated when a seafarer felt it took a long time to traverse the island during his journey. Originally, it was called “Yuma” by the Lucayan Arawaks, the island’s earliest inhabitants. Then, when Christopher Columbus first landed on the island during his first expedition to the New World in 1492, he renamed it “Fernandina Island,” after Spain’s King Ferdinand. 

When the Spaniards arrived, they displaced the Lucayans by the early 1500s. Long Island became completely unpopulated until ‌the Loyalists, who started setting up cotton plantations and raising cattle and sheep. However, the abolition of slavery resulted in the collapse of most American Loyalist families in 1834, leaving ruins flocked by many tourists and historians today. 

In the present day, Long Island flourishes with a robust and multifaceted economy, hinging on a blend of tourism, farming, and limited agriculture. Yet, fishing is the driving force behind the island’s economic vibrancy.

Settlements on Long Island Bahamas

settlement Bahamas

Most of the settlements on Long Island pay tribute to the families who first made their homes here, creating an interesting historical story. As a result, many of these settlements have names that show ownership, highlighting strong family ties. For instance, the Gordon family settlement became Gordons, symbolizing the lasting bond between the family and location. 

Here are some of the primary settlements on Long Island, Bahamas, and what they’re known for:

  • Clarence Town: The capital of Long Island, known for its two significant churches, St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, both designed by Father Jerome Hawes, a British architect turned priest. 
  • Deadman’s Cay: This settlement is best known for being the location of Deadman’s Cay Airport, making it a common first stop for tourists and visitors. Deadman’s Cay Caves, a natural subterranean cave system, is also located nearby. 
  • Gordons: Known for Gordon’s Beach, a beautiful, serene, and isolated spot perfect for a relaxed day by the shoreline.
  • Hamilton: Its extensive cave system offers tourists and residents an intriguing sight of the subterranean wonders through guided tours. 
  • Mangrove Bush: this is the epicenter of the boatbuilding trade, embracing the maritime legacy of the island.
  • Salt Pond: Known for the annual Long Island Regatta held in its harbor. The regatta brings together sailors from across The Bahamas.
  • Seymours: This settlement on the northern end of the island provides fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean and its rugged coastlines. 
  • Stella Maris: The location of the Stella Maris Resort, a top destination for visitors. It offers fishing, diving, and boating excursions.

Each of these settlements has its unique history, charm, and appeal, contributing to the overall diversity and beauty of Long Island.


Types of Properties for Sale in Long Island Bahamas

Whether you are in search of a tranquil piece of land or a beautiful oceanfront property, the Long Island Bahamas real estate market offers potential investors a wide range of choices. We’ll be your Long Island, Bahamas real estate guide and help you find your perfect piece of paradise. 

Land & Lots

Long Island is one of the best places to live in the Bahamas, promising paradise to people looking for a relaxing getaway or permanent residence. Investing in land and lots in Long Island offers financial potential, customization, and lifestyle benefits. 

With the natural beauty and the growing popularity of Long Island, experts say that the value of real estate, especially land and lots, will appreciate over time, offering potential financial gains in the years to come. 

Beachfront Homes

In addition to creating a relaxing personal retreat, Long Island Bahamas real estate offers plenty of reasons to invest in beach homes, including sought-after locations, value appreciation, and rental income potential. 

Whether you are looking for a personal haven or a smart financial move, an oceanfront property in Long Island is a wise and rewarding investment.

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Long Island Bahamas Real Estate by City

Long Island has a variety of settlements, each with its unique charm, for potential real estate investors. Long Island cities offer serene coastal havens, bustling centers of activities, and high-quality schools, providing an array of potential for people seeking their dream properties. 



The scenic shores of Bunches present a peaceful paradise that exudes serenity to those who venture to this part of Long Island. The real estate offerings in this area include acreage lots ranging from $275,000 to $500,000, based on size, features, zoning, and utilities available.

Cape Santa Maria

Cape Santa Maria

If you are looking for a property that boasts azure beaches, Cape Santa Maria is just the place for you! Cape Santa Maria offers a slice of paradise to potential real estate buyers searching for a beachfront lot to build their permanent home or a fantastic getaway vacation house. 

These lots range in price from $100,000 (not beachfront) to $1.5 million. The average lot costs around $600,000 and is about an acre in size.

Clarence Town

Clarence Town

The perfect blend of old-style charm and modern ease gives Clarence Town a unique vibe. It’s the largest settlement in Long Island and is home to Dean’s Blue Hole. 

Clarence Town offers small acreage for personal development, priced around $400,000, or large lots with hundreds of acres for commercial development, listed for over $3 million.



Pettys is a refuge for those who prefer a peaceful retreat. Time seems to stop in this untouched land, allowing you to commune with the natural world and escape the pressures of life. 

Acreage lots are on offer in Pettys. For 4-5 acres of land, expect to pay around $150,000. For oceanfront land of the same size, the price jumps to $400,000. There are also homes for purchase. A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on a 4,000 sq. ft. lot will set you back around $600,000.



Whether you find solace in the gentle rhythm of ocean waves or the mysteries shared by verdant landscapes, Simms beautifully illustrates life in tune with nature’s melody. 

With beachfront lots ranging in size from 27 acres to 60 acres, they are perfect for development. The prices for these lots range from $1 million to $2.5 million. However, hilltop acreage is considerably lower, at around $400,000 for 16 acres.

Stella Maris

Stella Maris

If you are looking for a mix of lavish real estate property and a friendly marina for sea lovers, Stella Maris offers a haven of luxury. 

There are more houses for sale in Stella Maris than we’ve seen on this list so far. Prices start around $525,000 and range up to $800,000, depending on home size, lot size, ocean frontage, etc. Small land lots are also available, starting at $125,000 for a half-acre lot not on the ocean, up to $200,000 for a slightly larger oceanfront lot.



Near Dean’s Blue Hole sits Wemyss, a popular site for divers. It boasts an underwater treasure trove, which attracts tourists to discover the mysteries of the deep blue.

Homes and land lots abound in Wemyss. Houses start around $400,000 for a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom on less than an acre. For a beachfront home on acreage, you’ll spend around $1.6 million.

Land lots sell for $30-$35,000/acre depending on the lot size, beach frontage, landscape, etc.


More About Buying Real Estate in Long Island Bahamas

Long Island Island

Whatever your goal is—whether you want a permanent residence or a lucrative investment—every real estate buyer needs to understand how to purchase land for sale in the Bahamas. In this section, let us explore the Long Island real estate investment terrain; from costs to legalities.

How much does it cost to build a house on Long Island, Bahamas?

The average cost of building a house in The Bahamas is around $500 to $1,000 per square foot. However, various factors affect the cost of building a house on Long Island: location, size, materials, and design complexity.

The expense associated with building a home on Long Island fluctuates based on factors like location, size of the house, and types of materials used. Other factors, such as transportation and import fees, may add to costs. We recommend you seek advice from local construction professionals for accurate cost assessments. 

Reduce the overall costs by hiring local builders, architects, and real estate agents for accurate estimates. MCR Bahamas agents offer valuable insight into the price of land, and if needed, there are some local banks that offer mortgages to expat buyers.

What islands in The Bahamas have the most affordable real estate?

While Long Island has an extensive selection of real estate, there are other Bahamian islands known for their budget-friendly opportunities. If you’re working with a tight budget, consider Abaco, Cat Island, Exuma, and Eleuthera.

However, there is more to affordability assessment than just the price tag. You must also consider other factors, such as the ongoing upkeep and accessibility to essentials. Working with professional real estate agents can help you find the best banks for mortgages in The Bahamas.

Can US citizens buy property in The Bahamas?

Yes! The Bahamas welcomes United States citizens looking to purchase real estate on its shores. Before purchasing, buyers don’t need to secure residency and in most cases, they don’t need a permit. However, if you’re purchasing an undeveloped lot that is five acres or larger, then you’ll need to apply for a permit through the Investment Board.


Buy Your Dream Real Estate in The Bahamas

Long Island, Bahamas offers an exciting collection of real estate prospects, each characterized by its natural landscape, rich history, and captivating charm. 

Securing your dream real estate property in The Bahamas is more than an investment; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Navigating the dynamic real estate market might seem challenging. However, by partnering with MCR Bahamas, you gain a seasoned ally, equipped with local expertise, proven strategies, and a keen understanding of the Bahamian real estate landscape. Our team listens to your needs, guiding you through the intricacies of the process, and delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Contact MCR Bahamas today so we can help you find your ideal Bahamian property.

Long Island Bahamas Real Estate Guide [2023]

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