Bahamas Mansions: Buying & Renting Luxury Mansions in The Bahamas [2023]

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If you’re daydreaming about sky-high ceilings and blossoming courtyards, sun-soaked living rooms, and contemporary architecture, renting or buying a luxury home in The Bahamas might be the perfect fit for you. 

Relocating to The Bahamas–whether as a permanent resident or just for a vacation–gives you the chance to find the best luxury Bahamas mansion for you and your family. 

At Better Home & Gardens MCR Bahamas, we are passionate about finding the right luxury Bahamas real estate for our clients, from homes in Nassau private communities to the private islands with the best beaches in The Bahamas.  


Buying Mansions in The Bahamas

You’re not the only one craving luxury in The Bahamas. History shows upticks in luxury home sales in the Bahamas after recessions, and post-pandemic is no exception. Of course, luxury comes at a cost. The average luxury Bahamas home price can range between $750 – $2,500 per square foot. You can expect to pay up to or over ten times that for the most luxurious homes.

Imagine the possibilities of living in a luxurious mansion in The Bahamas–you’d live life at a scale and pace no other place in the world could offer. 

Here’s what a Bahamian luxury mansion can offer you: 


Land & privacy

Just one of the luxury real estate listings at MCR Bahamas includes a mansion on a private island in Exuma that comes with 220 acres of land, a 10,000 sq ft. interior, 20 bedrooms, and 20 full bathrooms. 

The island is completely self-sufficient, with all utilities underground, including water, sewage, and power supply. You can enjoy privacy or host hundreds in this luxury Bahamas mansion–and many more. 

Luxury mansion in The Bahamas often offer extensive land and square footage. Of course, depending on if you’re choosing a private island or living in a luxury community, the level of privacy will vary. 

Browse luxury real estate listings


Personal customization of Your Mansion

Bahamian mansions offer endless possibilities for customization. You can live life your way, whether in a Brazilian dolomite-marble kitchen with gothic interior design or a minimalist living room with tons of open space.

Whether you purchase a mansion with a beautiful interior you’d just like to decorate, or choose one that might need some changes but has a perfect location, there are always opportunities to personalize your new home. 


Natural Beauty 

Mansions on the water, specifically designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, protect from the elements, and provide a vista to nature, are one of the most popular choices when it comes to luxury Bahamas real estate. These properties offer unparalleled views of the crystal-clear ocean, lush greenery, and enchanting sunsets, making them the epitome of dream homes in this tropical paradise.

Additionally, eco-friendly and sustainable designs are becoming increasingly popular in luxury Bahamas real estate, emphasizing the connection with the surrounding natural environment while minimizing the impact on the landscape. These homes not only offer a luxurious lifestyle, but they also signify a commitment to preserving the unique beauty of The Bahamas for future generations.


Where to Buy Bahamas Mansions

Let’s look at some of the more sought-after neighborhoods in The Bahamas. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer busier, more bustling areas with an international feel, or more intimate settings, with quiet waterfronts. And know that these are just a few options–there is a perfect place for everyone to find a luxury mansion in The Bahamas! 

See for yourself!


1. Berry Islands


Population: Under 1,000

Location: North-West of Nassau

Known as the “Fish Bowl of The Bahamas”, the Berry Islands are a cluster of 30 islands and 100 cays (small islands), totaling 12 square miles of landmass. With a population of under 1,000 and few (but popular) hotels throughout, the islands are perfect if you desire an intimate environment for your luxury abode. 

Ready to embrace complete tranquility on the Berry Islands?

Explore Berry Islands listings


2. Eleuthera


Population: Approximately 11,547 

Location: Northwest of Nassau in the northeastern region of the Bahamas

Eleuthera, a long and slender island to the east of Nassau, is known for its famous pink sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush greenery. With over 100 miles of coastline, this beautiful island offers a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for those seeking a more relaxed pace of life. Eleuthera’s striking natural landscape, along with its friendly locals, make it an idyllic location for both island living and vacationing.

Are you looking for your perfect getaway? 

Browse Eleuthera listings.


3. Exuma


Population: Approximately 7,314 

Location: Southeast of Nassau in the central Bahamas

Exuma, an archipelago within the Bahamas, has over 365 islands or “cays,” offering countless opportunities to explore pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and a rich cultural heritage. The largest island, Great Exuma, boasts beautiful sandy shores, exquisite blue-water vistas, and charming local communities. 

The natural beauty of Exuma, combined with its tropical climate, tranquil atmosphere, and welcoming locals, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a serene island lifestyle.

Are you yearning for slow pace and serene living? 

Browse Exuma listings.


4. Harbour Island

Harbour Island

Population: Under 2,000

Location: Two miles from mainland of Eleuthera

Harbour Island is known for its stunning pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, and luxury resorts. The island offers a wide range of activities, from golfing and fishing to swimming with dolphins. 

In 2005, Travel & Leisure magazine named Harbour Island the “Best Island in the Caribbean.” In its tenth annual poll, the elite travel magazine readers also selected Harbour Island as the finest island in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda.Browse Harbour Island listings.


5. Lyford Cay

Lyford Cay

Population: Part of the New Providence Island population (274,577 in 2020 Census)

Location: West of Nassau on New Providence Island

Lyford Cay, an exclusive gated community located on the western tip of New Providence Island, is known for its opulent homes, immaculate landscapes, and high-profile residents. This prestigious neighborhood features luxury homes, villas, and estates, as well as a world-class golf course, marina, and private club. Lyford Cay offers an unparalleled lifestyle experience combining privacy, security, and the very best in amenities and services.

If you’re looking for an exclusive area with notable characters and beautiful views, browse our Lyford Cay listings.


6. Old Fort Bay


Population: Unlisted

Location: West Coast of New Providence island 

Home to Shania Twain and Shakira, Old Fort Bay is a clubhouse based in an 18th-century fort. If you want to join a private and gated community, living life at the highest of echelons, you’ll have to look no further. 

The Old Fort Bay provides just that and more for those seeking a highly exclusive and lavish living experience. 

Does elite living and exclusivity sound appealing?  

Check out Old Fort Bay listings.


How to Buy a Mansion in The Bahamas

Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a mansion in The Bahamas:

1. Financing

Luxury Bahamas mansions cost an average of $2.5 million, but can range from half a million to over $100 million. It’s best to contact different banks and compare mortgage rates and terms. For example, non-residents–including expatriates living in The Bahamas under a work permit– can access cash from First Caribbean under the bank’s International Mortgage service

Homes valued above $2.5 million will have a mortgage rate of 60%. Here are some of the best banks in The Bahamas for mortgages. 


2. Documentation

Get your documentation for the mortgage application ready. This includes: 

  • Valid passport
  • NIB Smartcard for identification
  • Telephone, water, or electricity bill to confirm your residential address
  • Letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip
  • Copies of recent bank statements or a bank reference from your banker (if you are a self-employed customer)
  • Agreement for sale: if you are buying a property; this would be a letter from the person selling the property
  • Approved construction plans along with a construction estimate if you plan to build. The mortgage issuer also requires an appraisal of the property, whether you are buying or building a home.


3. Residency Benefits

Luckily, purchasing a luxury home in The Bahamas does not require citizenship or residency. In fact, buying and owning a Bahamian home could actually lead to citizenship or residency. 

Read our Bahamian Citizenship Guide for more


4. Bahamas Real Estate Agent

Finding the right Bahamas real estate agent is one of the most important parts of your luxury Bahamas search. Luckily for you, Better MCR Bahamas offers experienced, enthusiastic professionals who can’t wait to help you find your luxury home. 

Get in touch with us today!


Mansions in The Bahamas for Rent


The Bahamas is a beautiful country, and the crystal clear waters are enticing, but maybe you aren’t looking for a long-term commitment. Perhaps you only need to visit–and renting a Bahamas mansion is the solution. 

Renting poses many benefits. Costs aside, it’s enticing to be able to try rentals all across the islands before making a purchasing decision. Or, you might only have a few weeks–or a summer–to spend. 

At MCR Bahamas, we can help you find properties across The Bahamas for less than $2,000 monthly…or upwards of $20,000. So let’s take more of a look at renting mansions in The Bahamas.


Where to Rent Mansions in The Bahamas

The beauty of renting is that you can be mobile. With no-strings-attached, you can switch from one part of the islands to the next. Our rentals are primarily located in Nassau and New Providence, but we have offerings all throughout the islands. 

So, with the freedom to decide where you’d like to crash each month, the choice is all yours! Pick from our luxury rental listings


How to Rent a Mansion in The Bahamas

With minimal hassle, you could stay at different luxury Bahamian homes each month if you wish.

Are you wondering what you need to do before renting? Make sure you ask your landlord about pets, parking, and everything else on our list of Bahamian rental questions.

If you’re having trouble picking a place or can’t make it to a viewing, book a 3-D virtual tour upon request for any of our luxury rental listings. 

And of course, if you have any further questions about renting and cannot find the answer online, do not hesitate to call, email, or visit our office today. You’ll also find all our contact information online


More About Luxury Mansions in The Bahamas

Bahamas mansion

Are houses in The Bahamas expensive? 

The cost of houses in The Bahamas varies widely depending on factors such as location, size, features, and accessibility to amenities. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination and a haven for wealthy individuals seeking a luxurious island lifestyle, some areas in The Bahamas, particularly high-end neighborhoods and prime locations, can be expensive. These luxurious properties may boast exclusive features, stunning ocean views, and private amenities, driving up their price.

However, it’s essential to remember that the Bahamian real estate market is diverse, and more affordable housing options are also available. You can find more reasonably priced properties in other neighborhoods and islands, particularly those farther from popular tourist destinations. These homes may offer excellent value for money while still providing access to the natural beauty and relaxed way of life that define The Bahamas.


How much does property in The Bahamas cost?

While the average cost of luxury Bahamas real estate is around $2.5 million, you can find homes for an upward of $100,000,000–but also at around half a million. 


What is the most expensive neighborhood in The Bahamas?

While the mansions in Bahamas neighborhoods can vary in expense, one of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in The Bahamas is the Paradise Island area, particularly the exclusive residential enclave known as Ocean Club Estates.

Ocean Club Estates is an ultra-exclusive gated community that stretches over 600 acres at the easternmost tip of Paradise Island. The neighborhood offers an exquisite selection of beachfront villas, garden view homes, and condos that overlook either the beautifully manicured Tom Weiskopf-designed golf course or the clear turquoise sea.

The properties here are often priced in the multi-million dollar range, and the allure of living in this coveted enclave has attracted celebrities, executives, and discerning international buyers. With its unparalleled beauty, state-of-the-art amenities, and a prestigious reputation for exclusivity and luxury, it’s no surprise that Ocean Club Estates tops the list for the most expensive neighborhood in The Bahamas.

For a glimpse at the stunning luxury real estate in Ocean Club Estates, you can refer to our company’s listings at Our extensive experience in the Bahamas’ luxury real estate market and deep roots in the community make us the perfect choice to guide you through the exciting journey of finding your dream home in this tropical paradise.

Remember, however, that real estate markets are dynamic and other neighborhoods, such as Lyford Cay or Old Fort Bay, may also come close in terms of pricing. For an accurate, up-to-date view on the Bahamian real estate market, we recommend contacting one of our expert real estate advisors.

Get in touch with MCR Bahamas. 


Where do celebrities live in The Bahamas? 

The Bahamas has long been a favorite destination for celebrities seeking luxury homes, privacy, and a tropical paradise. Several upscale neighborhoods and private islands in The Bahamas are known for attracting A-list celebrities, including:

1. Lyford Cay: One of the most exclusive gated communities on New Providence Island, Lyford Cay is renowned for its opulent homes, world-class amenities, and privacy. Celebrities like Sean Connery and fashion designer Peter Nygård have owned homes in this prestigious community.

2. Paradise Island: Home to luxury resorts, exquisite beaches, and upscale real estate, Paradise Island has attracted stars like Enya, Chuck Norris, and Mariah Carey.

3. Albany: An elite residential community and resort located on southwestern New Providence Island, Albany caters to a sophisticated clientele, including Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake, who own residences here.

4. Exuma: With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and over 365 islands, Exuma is a popular choice for celebrities seeking privacy. David Copperfield owns a private island, Musha Cay, in the Exuma area.

5. Eleuthera: Famous for its pink sand beaches, idyllic landscapes, and a relaxed vibe, Eleuthera has attracted the likes of Carlos Santana, Lenny Kravitz, and the late Prince.


Can a foreigner buy a house in The Bahamas? 

Yes, foreigners can buy a house in The Bahamas. The International Persons Landholding Act allows non-Bahamians to purchase property under 5 acres for residential purposes without prior government approval. However, buyers must register the transaction with the Foreign Investment Board and the Central Bank of The Bahamas, which is typically a straightforward process.

For more extensive properties or those intended for commercial use, a permit from the Bahamian government is required.


What are some of the most popular regions in The Bahamas? 

Some of the most popular regions in The Bahamas include:

  1. Nassau: The bustling capital city located on New Providence Island, boasting a mix of urban amenities and stunning beaches.
  2. Paradise Island: A destination renowned for luxury properties, fine dining, entertainment, and world-class resorts.
  3. Grand Bahama: Home to the city of Freeport, Grand Bahama offers a blend of natural beauty and urban conveniences.
  4. Exuma: A beautiful archipelago known for its turquoise waters, powdery soft beaches, and an abundance of islands.
  5. Eleuthera: Famous for its pink sand beaches, laid-back vibe and charming local communities.
  6. Abaco: An island group characterized by white sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, and quaint settlements.


What is the average price for a luxury home in The Bahamas? 

The average price for a luxury home in The Bahamas varies widely depending on the location, size, amenities, and exclusive features of the property. High-end luxury homes can range from $2 million to over $20 million. However, these figures can fluctuate depending on market conditions and specific property details.

Our team can attest to the diverse offerings and unique opportunities the Bahamian real estate market presents. From opulent beachfront mansions to private island estates, The Bahamas offers an unparalleled range of luxury homes that cater to varying tastes and preferences. Due to the many nuances of the market, consulting with trusted local professionals like MCR Bahamas can help you navigate the market and find the luxury property that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle.


Are luxury Bahamas mansions on Airbnb?

Yes, you can find luxury Bahamas mansions on Airbnb. But, the best luxury home rentals come with stellar real estate representation–like MCR Bahamas–who know about the best Bahamas mansion rental options, including those not listed on vacation rental platforms.  


Find a Mansion for Sale in The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty, luxury living, and a wealth of opportunities for both relaxation and entertainment. From the exquisite amenities offered by these luxurious properties to the rich cultural and international experiences available, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant lifestyle that awaits you in The Bahamas.

Take the first step toward your dream home by contacting one of our agents and let MCR Bahamas provide an unparalleled experience in securing your very own Bahamas mansion. Embrace the paradise that defines this beautiful archipelago and begin your journey of island living today.

Looking for a luxury real estate in the Bahamas

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Bahamas Mansions: Buying & Renting Luxury Mansions in The Bahamas [2023]

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