Lyford Cay in The Bahamas: Complete Review [2024]

Lyford Cay IS
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Brilliantly constructed and planned by E. P. Taylor in the 1950s, Lyford Cay is one of the world’s wealthiest and most exclusive communities. 

Since its beginning, the island has been home to some of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world. Today, the private island is the perfect place for celebrities and guests to escape from the real world and enjoy luxury rooted deeply in history. Lyford Cay offers an array of experiences, restaurants with local cuisine, stunning golf courses, and celebrity sightings for island locals and visitors alike. 

Lyford Cay, also known as Simms Cay, is one of The Bahama’s exclusive gated communities. Located about 1.4 km off the western coast of New Providence Island, Lyford Cay is one of the best and safest places to live in The Bahamas. 

The private island is most well known for its inhabitants. The exclusive Lyford Cay, and the even more exclusive Lyford Cay Club, have hosted some of the wealthiest people in the world since its formation in the late fifties. 

In our Lyford Cay review, we’re going to clue you in on the private island’s history, stunning culture, activities available, and dream properties for sale. Although Lyford Cay is quite literally paradise, when you partner with MCR Bahamas, it can become your home. 

Whether you’re curious about this enchanted island’s beginnings, or you’re looking for your future home, we invite you to explore all that Lyford Cay offers in our review.


What is Lyford Cay in The Bahamas? 

Known to many as a haven and a sanctuary for the rich and famous, Lyford Cay has been one of the world’s premiere private islands since its beginning in the 1950s. 

Today, Lyford Cay’s reputation precedes it. The island is known for its exclusive nature, boasting one of the most prestigious hotels in The Bahamas, as well as several other amenities available to the island locals. 

Where is Lyford Cay?

Lyford Cay is located on the western edge of New Providence Island in The Bahamas. Its stunning location allows for numerous private clubs, pristine white sand beaches, a 74-slip Yacht harbor, and luxury communities

Is it easy to get to Lyford Cay?

Because Lyford Cay is located on the western edge of New Providence Island, it’s close to the Lynden Pingling Airport, which is one of the biggest airports in The Bahamas. Although the island is exclusive, it is open to thousands of tourists throughout the year. Visitors can also access Lyford Cay by boat if they so choose. 

How big is Lyford Cay?

Lyford Cay covers 1,000 acres on the western tip of New Providence Island. 


All About Lyford Cay Community in The Bahamas

If you’re wondering what sets the special Lyford Cay community apart from the other islands in the Bahamas, here’s everything you need to know about this private paradise.

History of the Lyford Cay 

With its story rooted in powerful names and history, it’s no wonder the exclusive island is now home to some of the most powerful names in the world.

The luxury island got its name from Captain Willaim Lyford Jr., a mariner in Colonial and Revolutionary times. In 1788, Captain Lyford was granted 448 acres of property by Royal Decree from King George III after the esteemed mariner pledged his unwavering support as a Loyalist.

The grant included the Cay, which would soon become Lyford Cay, as well as the channel that separated the islands from the mainland. That island later became part of New Providence Island, while Lyford Cay held onto its namesake. 

Although the base for Lyford Cay was laid years before, the exclusive paradise wasn’t built until the latter half of the 1950s.

E. P. Taylor, a successful Canadian businessman, visited Nassau in 1945. During his visit, he was most intrigued by the dirt road and Mangrove swamps that made up the western part of New Providence Island.

‘Eddie’ bought the 2,8000 acres in 1955 from Bahamian developer Sir Harold Christie. Once under Taylor’s ownership, community planners, landscape designers, and construction workers transformed the marshland into a private island fitted with rolling hills, arable land, golf courses, and beaches. 

Throughout the late 1900s, everyone from Frank Sinatra to Sean Connery and even John F. Kennedy visited Lyford Cay. 

Today, Lyford Cay’s stunning history and community are still upheld at the Lyford Cay Club.

Outdoor Activities at Lyford Cay

No review of Lyford Cay would be complete without the mention of the island’s exclusive club and hotel. E. P. Taylor designed The Lyford Cay Club so that its members can enjoy recreation and sports, as well as relaxation. Here’s a look at some of the outdoor activities available for club members.




The Bahamas is known for its stunning golf courses throughout the island, but the Lyford Cay golf course is one of the best. In 2006, Rees Jones redesigned the historical golf course, originally built by Dick Wilson. The championship caliber, par-72 course spans 7,007 yards.


What historical hotel is complete without a tennis court? The club has 12 Har-Tru tennis courts, 10 of which come alight at night for some late-night games. Not a tennis pro yet? The Tennis Shop offers gear and equipment, as well as seasoned pros for optional coaching.




Whether you’re swimming your worries away or lounging in one of the 16 pool cabanas, the Lyford Cay hotel has a fresh-water, heated swimming pool. The Pool Terrace dining area and Cabana Bar serve poolside refreshments daily. 

Yacht Harbour

One of Lyford Cay’s crowning glories is the 70-slip Yacht harbor provides single-phase electricity, telephone connections, fax machines, satellite TVs, and DSL High Speed Internet connections for those who choose to dock there. If you don’t have a yacht or a boat, feel free to rent one on the island

Lyford Cay Sailing

The exclusive Club’s private member sailing club is for those most passionate about the sport. Owners of Breta Sportboats and Olympic Class Lasers store their beautiful boats at the club. Members and visitors are encouraged to attend the club’s regattas, which usually occur on holiday weekends on the club’s beach. 

Equipment Rentals

The Lyford Cay Hotel is fully stocked with equipment for any adventure. The most popular rentals include snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and water skiing equipment. Members can also choose to book a trainer at the Fitness Centre or Studio. 

Other Amenities of Lyford Cay 

For those who are more excited to lounge around than adventure out, the club offers several special indoor opportunities for its members and guests. 

Dining & Cocktail Bars

Enjoy a dining experience like no other at Lyford Cay Club. The hotel has six dining facilities, from poolside to inside. Guests can visit any of the eight bars in the hotel as well. 

Conference Rooms

Traveling for business? The Lyford Cay Hotel offers state-of-the-art conference rooms. Guests can choose between the large conference room, which seats up to 150 guests theater-style, or a large conference table that seats up to 40 people. 

If your group is smaller, you can choose an 8-person office that comes equipped with full communication services. 

Beaches Near Lyford Cay Club

If you want to take a day trip and go swimming in The Bahamas’ stunning water, there are several beaches near Lyford Cay Club. Captains Beach, Jaws Beach, and Flipper Beach are some of the most notable. 

Lyford Cay International Schools

The Bahamian islands are known for their fantastic school systems. If you want to stay local, the Lyford Cay International School is known for its excellence and dedication to academics. The Internationally Accredited School runs from pre-K to high school. 


Lyford Cay Real Estate

We are dedicated to helping our customers find their dream homes in paradise. No matter what kind of home you’re looking for, we hope MCR Bahamas can help you find your perfect fit–in Lyford Cay and beyond! 

Benefits of Lyford Cay Real Estate

Benefits of Lyford Cay Real Estate


Buying real estate in Lyford Cay gives you access to safety, luxuries, stunning views, and a beautiful community. With the tax-neutral status of The Bahamas, it’s no wonder people from the U.S. and all around the world want to call this community their home. 

Lyford Cay Homes For Sale

Lyford Cay Homes


As a reflection of its history, the majority of Lyford Cay’s homes were built in the 1970s and 60s. Most of the island’s architecture reflects an Island Colonial-style build, with beachy pastels and stunning verandas. Because Lyford Cay is so sought after, many real estate agents and builders have made modern adjustments to the historic homes and new builds on the island. 

Ready to call Paradise your home? Browse MCR Bahamas’ current listings on Lyford Cay today!

Land for Sale in Lyford Cay

Lyford Cay


 If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, or if you’ve always wanted to build an original home from the ground up, you can always purchase land in The Bahamas. Thankfully, Lyford Cay’s stunning location is full of opportunities for home builders and buyers alike. 

Browse Lyford Cay land for sale

Condos for Sale in Lyford Cay

Lyford Cay Condo


Sunnyside is a five-acre hilltop condominium complex in the prestigious Lyford Cay community. With just 21 apartments, Sunnyside is a tranquil enclave offering privacy, security, and extraordinary views. 

Sunnyside comes with a full complement of on-site staff including a building manager and two 24-hour concierge stations. Other amenities include underground parking and storage, a lap pool, a jacuzzi, a gym, a putting green, and lushly landscaped gardens.

View Lyford Cay condos for sale


More About Lyford Cay in The Bahamas

It’s no secret that Lyford Cay’s luxury and beauty set this private island apart from other potential investment properties in The Bahamas. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lyford Cay.

What famous people live on Lyford Cay?

Many notable names have chosen to call Lyford Cay home. Currently, Lyford Cay residents consist of more businessmen and successful investors, rather than movie stars. Families like The Bacardis and Brenninkmeijers live on the island. Joe Lewis, Loui Bacon, and R. Couri Hay also call the island home. 

Former island residents include Sean Connery, Henry Ford II, Peter Nygård, and Tony O’Reilly, to name a few. 

How much does it cost to join the Lyford Cay Club in The Bahamas?

A membership to the exclusive Lyford Cay Club costs $150,000 for adults over 40. Members also have to pay $16,000 in annual dues. 

Can anyone stay at Lyford Cay Club?

Unfortunately, no. If you want to stay at the Lyford Cay Hotel, you need to be a member or have a special agreement with your private club that grants you access to the Lyford Cay Club. 


Find Your Bahamas Home in Lyford Cay

Now that we’ve reviewed Lyford Cay’s star-studded history, described the island’s amenities, and showcased some of the best real estate options in The Bahamas, it’s no wonder so many U.S. citizens and others call it home. 

MCR Bahamas is dedicated to helping you find your dream home. That includes knowing what community you’re joining, the best schools available in your area, and special opportunities, like the Lyford Cay Club. 

We understand that moving is a big deal, no matter where the destination is. That’s why our team of Bahamian natives cares about giving you in-depth reviews of all the Bahamian communities, so you can know before you buy. 

Whether you want a luxury home to rival the stars, or you’re excited to build your property from the beginning, we hope you choose MCR to help you find your home in Lyford Cay. 

Lyford Cay in The Bahamas: Complete Review [2024]

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