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moving checklist

A moving checklist is important whether you are moving into an apartment or your new home. With the excitement of having a place of your own, it can be easy to forget some important things. Plus, certain tasks are best done before your move-in date and the house is still vacant. Before you move in check out this list to make your move as stress-free as possible.

  1. Utilities: Electric, Gas, Water – don’t assume they will be on when you move in. Get these set up ahead of time.
  2. Cable & Internet: Get your cable & internet set up before moving in if possible. Just like utilities, the previous owner will probably have these services cut off when they move out.
  3. Deep Cleaning: It is much easier to deep clean an empty house. Furniture and appliances make it harder to reach areas that may need cleaning the most.
  4. Change The Locks: This will ensure that you have the only keys for your home. This is a basic safety measure.
  5. Renovations: These projects are easier to get done before moving in. It will avoid you having to tip-toe around a construction zone.
  6. Smoke Detectors: Make sure they are all functioning properly to protect your home from fires.
  7. Get To Know Your House: Do you know where the circuit breaker and main water shut off valve are? Knowing this can help you respond quickly in an emergency where you need to shut off water or electricity.
  8. Update Your Address: Let your banks and credit card companies and any other institutions know that you have a new address.
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Having a moving checklist can make your move a little less stressful and help you to keep track of everything you need to get done. Follow this list to ensure your home is move in ready before you set foot inside.


Moving Checklist: What To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home | Bahamas Real Estate

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