Nassau, Bahamas Houses for Sale: Where to Find Homes for Sale in Nassau

Timothy Smith

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas with a population of 240,000. Located on New Providence Island, it’s a tropical paradise that boasts some of the best beaches, luxury homes and exquisite culture in the world. If you’re looking for an island to call home, then it’s time to view some beautiful Nassau, Bahamas houses for sale! 

Why invest in the real estate market in Nassau on New Providence Island? The Bahamas is the third richest country in North America with many benefits for those participating in property investments.

Known as an international tax neutral country, the sale or rental of property in The Bahamas is exempt from VAT (value added tax), there is no tax on personal income in the Bahamas, a zero-tax rate for companies, and no taxes on capital gains, inheritance, or wealth.


Nassau Real Estate Market Statistics

The favorable political climate, and the close relationship with the United States, has benefited The Bahamas and those looking to invest in property there. 

In the capital city of Nassau, the following is a breakdown of price per square footage and general listing price information.

 By square footage:

  • General market: $250 to $400 per square foot
  • Luxury market: $750 to $2,000 per square foot
  • Apartments in Nassau city center: $120 per square foot
  • Apartments outside the city center: $88 per square foot

 Listing prices in Nassau, on average: 

  • Average home price: $591,830
  • Highest list price: $8,900,000 
  • Lowest list price: $99,000


How to Find Homes for Sale in Nassau 



One the best and easiest ways to find your dream home in Nassau is by going online. Searching for your home in Nassau is available right at your fingertips. Better Homes and Garden MCR Bahamas is a full-service brokerage that specializes in the sales & rentals of homes, condos, luxury real estate, private islands, waterfront homes and lots in exclusive communities throughout the islands of The Bahamas.

Our reputation is not only reflected by our clients, but also in our appearance in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Better Homes and Garden, Robb Report, HGTV, and more.

Better MCR Bahamas has worked with people relocating to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas from all over the world–and Nassau is no different!

Reach out to our team today to find the best luxury real estate. 


Word of Mouth 

A quick search online can help steer you in the right direction, but sometimes just talking and getting a first-hand account of someone’s experience can be one of the best ways to find what you’re looking for. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. 

When someone has taken the time to recommend something, it’s a good indication of the service they received. Our past and current clients are some of our biggest supporters. Just take a look at some of their reviews!


The Best Real Estate Agents of Nassau

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate recently announced the winners of their global performance awards, with their affiliates at Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas completing a clean sweep of the annual honors in 2022. 

CEO Mario Carey, managing partner and broker, Tim Rodland, and broker Danny Lowe took home the Emerald Elite Award, the highest performance distinction available. The award is based on rigorous sales standards including total closed units and gross commission income (GCI) and is reserved for the top 3% of Better Homes and Gardens independent agents worldwide.

Timothy Smith, partner, also earned the Platinum Status Award – an impressive ranking that honors the top 6% of producers from around the world. The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network includes over 12,600 independent sales associates and approximately 410 offices across the globe.

With such an excellent showing at the awards, MCR Bahamas once again has established itself as one of the premier real estate firms in the world with some of the best real estate agents in Nassau.


Nassau, Bahamas Houses for Sale 



Homes in Nassau, Bahamas 

With the average home price in Nassau on New Providence Island being $591,830, Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas features multiple listings that are stunning and affordable! A simple search of single-family homes can guide you in the right direction. A single-family home refers to a home that has no shared property but is built on its own parcel of land. 

Find Nassau homes for sale here. 


Condos in Nassau, Bahamas


Condominiums, townhomes and apartments are in high demand in Nassau. Condos refer to privately owned individual units within a community of other units. Condo owners generally share common areas like a pool, gyms and parking garages. 

A condo owner also generally owns the interior of the unit as well structural components of exterior walls. 

Find Nassau condos for sale here. 


Mansions in Nassau, Bahamas

Mansions evoke luxury but what actually defines a mansion? The main factor in determining mansion status would be the size of the home. But square footage isn’t the only criteria; mansions exude luxury through large rooms, impressive features and architectural designs as well as rooms built for a specific singular purpose, like a movie theater room.

Find Nassau mansions for sale here.  


Duplexes in Nassau, Bahamas


A duplex is a multi-family home with two units in a single building. The two units share a common wall but the floor plans inside can vary. Each unit will have a separate entrance with no interior connection between the two units.

Duplexes offer a house-like floor plan, typically at a more affordable price than a single-family home. Often, duplexes are regarded as a step up from a typical apartment or condo. 

Find Nassau duplexes for sale here. 


Bungalows in Nassau, Bahamas 

A bungalow is a one-story house, cottage, or cabin, or has a second, half, or partial story, that is built into a sloped roof. They are generally small in terms of square footage. Bungalows were originally designed to provide affordable, modern housing for the working class. 

Bungalows are cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and due to increased square footage versus multi-story homes, relatively easy to modify.

Find Nassau bungalows for sale here. 


Waterfront Homes in Nassau, Bahamas

There’s no better place for a waterfront home than Nassau, Bahamas! Waterfront properties in The Bahamas span across the range of cliffs, rugged shorelines, canals, lakes, ponds, creeks and of course beautiful, sandy beaches. 

There are single-family homes, mansions, apartments, condos, townhomes and duplexes available waterfront. Waterfront homes not only provide spectacular views but often offer the simplicity of laidback living. 

Find waterfront Nassau homes for sale here. 


All about Living in Nassau, Bahamas


The Bahamas is home to a sizable ex-pat community, as well as a close-knit native community. This makes it easier to get involved in a variety of social gatherings, ranging from rugby leagues to culinary events. 

Whether it’s getting a slice at the Giotto Pizzeria in the Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant, going to Friday-night fish fries at Frankie Gone Bananas, getting some authentic Caribbean home cooking at the Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant, or drinks at Sip Sip at the Cove–it’s hard to imagine a food craving that will go unsatiated in Nassau.

Of course, there are always opportunities for snorkeling near a coral reef, deep-sea diving, experiencing the diverse sea life, and soaking in the sun on The Bahamas’  best legendary turquoise blue beaches. Plus with the coldest month of the year in January averaging 72 degrees Fahrenheit–and the warmest month in August averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit–it’s a perfect climate that’s rarely too hot or too cold. 

In addition to the numerous tax benefits mentioned above, it is very easy to establish residency in the Bahamas with the purchase of property. Living in Nassau offers a more comfortable vibe than the hustle and bustle of the United States, without sacrificing the importance of a strong educational system with incredible international and private schools


Find Your Dream Home in Nassau, Bahamas

Whether you want to invest in lucrative property with amazing tax benefits, make a lifestyle change and work in a tropical paradise with beachfront property, start your dream business in a dream location, or spend your hard-earned retirement in a Caribbean wonderland, Nassau on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas is the place for you! 

Living in The Bahamas doesn’t have to be fantasy. Let the hardworking, highly recognized, and extremely cooperative team at MCR Bahamas guide you to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Our skilled and professional agents can help make your dreams become a reality, leading you one step closer to buying your dream home in Nassau.

Nassau, Bahamas Houses for Sale: Where to Find Homes for Sale in Nassau

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