Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas: 2024 Guide

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The Bahamas is home to hundreds of beautiful private islands, ideal for vacationers, homebuilders, and those seeking adventure and seclusion. While every archipelago in The Bahamas offers something different for its guests, they all have something in common: a luxurious and memorable experience. And that’s why private island rentals are extremely common in The Bahamas, especially during tourist season. 

While many private islands are available for sale in The Bahamas, some of the more frequented islands and cities have properties for rent throughout the year. The average price for rental properties in The Bahamas is much more affordable and accessible, especially for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Here is everything you need to know about private island rentals in The Bahamas. 


Can You Rent a Private Island in The Bahamas?

Yes, visitors from all over are able to rent a Bahamas private island. The Bahamas are made up of hundreds of islands, and as such, they offer several private islands for rent. Many people choose to rent private islands for vacations, events, or other celebrations. 

Renting a private island allows you to get a taste of some of the best places to live in The Bahamas without running into any tourists during your trip. And many of these private islands come with staff, including housekeeping, concierges, and private chefs. 

Cost to Rent a Private Island in The Bahamas

The cost to rent a private island varies, depending on the experience you desire. Certain private islands cost more than others, depending on the amenities they offer. 

Other factors that can impact the cost of a private island rental include:

  • Proximity to the airport
  • Amenities provided
  • The size of the island rental
  • How many houses are included 

The average rental price of a private island ranges depending on the factors above. The typical private island rental cost is at least $2,000 a night, but if you’re splitting the cost with several people, it is well worth the price. 

Of course, you can always choose to invest in land and buy a private island, if you so desire.  


Types o​​f Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas

private island


Anyone who has visited The Bahamas knows just how beautiful each island is. While you can certainly expect paradise on any island you visit, they all offer different aspects of the Bahamian lifestyle. Some offer waterfront properties, with pristine white and pink sand beaches. Others are in close proximity to other islands, allowing their guests to island hop and explore during their stay. 

No matter what experience you’re looking for when you rent a private island or property on these islands, you’re sure to find the perfect island to fit your needs. 

Luxury Private Island Rental Bahamas

There are several islands available for rent in The Bahamas. Private islands close to Albany and Harbour Island offer renters a once-in-a-lifetime experience of renting an entire private island for themselves, friends, or families. 

Many Bahamian private island rentals also come with access to private beaches, one-of-a-kind dining venues, and several activities you and your family can enjoy included in the island’s rental cost.

Private Island Rental in The Bahamas with Beachfront

Waterfront property is a huge commodity in The Bahamas. When you rent a private island in The Bahamas, you don’t have to worry about buying a house on the water because you’ll already have the entire surrounding area available to you. 

Private island renters can walk outside their front door and onto the beach. All private island rentals offer their residents access to private beaches, with several waterfront properties throughout the island.

All Inclusive Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas 

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, The Bahamas delivers on that front as well. Many private islands are equipped with staff to help their guests get the best experience on the island. Want to charter a seaplane or a boat ride and tour the surrounding islands? 

Call the concierge and let them arrange it for you! Depending on what you’re looking for in your private island rental, you might not have to lift a finger throughout your stay. 

Private Island Rental With Private Chef

The Bahamas are extremely well-known for their fresh cuisine. With most of the islands surrounded by water, as well as stunning fresh fruits and vegetables growing throughout the island, it’s no wonder so many people come to The Bahamas for the food. 

If you want to experience Bahamian culture and the exquisite dining options it provides, consider adding a private chef to your island rental. Several Bahamas islands villas offer a chef, as well as the typical staff, to elevate their guests’ vacation experience.

Resorts like Choini Cay have made a name for themselves through their one-of-a-kind amenities, such as private chefs and access to sustainable living options. 

If you want a taste of paradise, call MCR Bahamas and find the perfect private island experience. 


How to Rent a Private Island in The Bahamas

The Bahamas private island


Whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway with all your closest friends and family, or you’re just trying to find an escape from your everyday life, renting a private island in The Bahamas is a great way to shake things up a bit. 

1. Establish a Budget 

The first, and arguably most important factor you should consider before deciding which kind of private island you want to rent is your budget. If you’re thinking about taking a vacation with several friends or family members, the island might be more expensive, but the price will be divided between multiple parties. 

2. Work With a Local Real Estate Agent 

Real estate agents don’t just help with buying and selling, they also facilitate rentals. The best real estate agents in The Bahamas are familiar with the property and amenities available, and can potentially help you find a great rental deal. 

The team at Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas has established long-lasting connections on the majority of private islands. MCR Bahamas’ agents know what their customers are looking for and how to help them find it. 

3. Research Locations 

The Bahamas has many private islands and archipelagos to choose from, all offering different amenities, benefits, and exclusive experiences. You really can’t go wrong when you rent a private island in The Bahamas. But if you’re looking for specific amenities, experiences, or proximity to other Bahamian cities, ask your real estate agent to help you narrow down your search.

Perhaps you want a nature-first, eco-friendly island, with natural flora and fauna everywhere you turn. Maybe you’re looking for a private island bursting with adventures, from boat rides to tropical excursions. Other renters might want to escape from reality and bunk down in a luxurious mansion as their private chef prepares delectable meals throughout the day. 

No matter what you’re looking for, The Bahamas has the perfect private island experience ready and waiting for you. The team at Better Homes & Gardens MCR would love to help you find your dream private island.

4. Choose the Type of Rental

Once you’ve established the kind of vacation experience you’re looking for and hopefully found the perfect island to suit your needs, it’s time to find your dream rental property. Many private island rentals offer their renters various living accommodations, such as a mansion or private villa.

If you’re traveling in a big group, it might be best to invest in an island that offers bigger luxury mansions. If you’re looking for a more private, secluded vacation experience with you and a significant other, explore the exclusive villas on these islands. And if you’re just traveling solo, enjoy the privacy that only a rented private island can allow you!

There is no wrong choice when you rent an island in The Bahamas. Every rental option is a new adventure. 

5. Close the Deal 

Once you’ve decided on your dream private island and rental option, it’s time to sign all the paperwork, send over the money, and start anticipating your dream vacation. 

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they will handle all the heavy lifting and help you navigate the process of renting in another country.

Whether you’re looking to rent property on a private island for a night, a week, or longer, it’s important to find a real estate agency that knows how to help their customers find the best deal, while also providing insightful support throughout the rental process. 

Start your vacation now with Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas rentals. 


More About Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas

Here are a few frequently asked questions about everything involving private island rentals in The Bahamas. 

How long can I rent a private island in The Bahamas?

As long as the island is not pre-booked, you can rent for as long as you’d like. Most guests book their private islands for a week. Typical rental houses and islands only offer nightly costs, but some provide deals for long-term guests. 

What is the least touristy Bahama island? 

When you book a private island, you can expect seclusion and luxury with your stay. That being said, some islands are more well-known than others. If you’re truly looking to escape the busy life, Andros, Bahamas is often cited as being the least-touristy vacation island in The Bahamas. 

Other islands that don’t see many crowds during peak season are Cat Island, Long Island, Compass Cay, Eleuthera, Inagua, and Royal Island

Who owns private islands in The Bahamas? 

Anyone can own a private island in The Bahamas! Several celebrities have invested in private islands, including Eddie Murphy, Beyonce and Jay Z, Tim McGraw, Mariah Carey, and Oprah Winfrey. Although many islands are spoken for, The Bahamas still has several private islands for sale.


Invest in a Private Island in The Bahamas 

If you want to own a personalized paradise, consider buying a private island in The Bahamas. Not only will this investment pay off in the future, if and when you decide to sell the island, but you can create a beautiful and luxurious vacation island all for you and whomever you choose to invite. 

The spectacular properties, luxurious amenities, and beautiful architecture make these private islands the perfect destinations. Whether you’re looking for a luxury home, exploring rental options, or considering buying a private island, The MCR Bahamas team of experts is here to help. 

Find your dream home or private island getaway in The Bahamas with Better Homes and Gardens MCR.

Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas: 2024 Guide

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