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Strong Buildings Boost Confidence In Bahamas Property Market | Bahamas Real Estate

Strong buildings boost confidence in Bahamas property market. Homes are built better in The Bahamas and that could be a very good thing for the property market. So says leading real estate broker Mario Carey, president of Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas Group. “When Hurricane Matthew pummeled parts of the Caribbean and barreled through […]

Realtor Urges Creation Sector Advisory Board | Bahamas Real Estate

Realtor Urges Creation Sector Advisory Board A PROMINENT realtor has called for the creation of a Real Estate Advisory Board, believing that it will help unleash the Bahamas’ untapped economic potential and assist decision- making on land development. “Real estate advisory boards can contribute in significant ways to local economies,” said Mario Carey, president of […]

Build Up, Not Out! | Bahamas Real Estate

Build up, not out, and provide for green space and harbor views. We have always treated Nassau with kid gloves – as if it were a small village that needed coddling, afraid to touch the height of buildings while allowing windows, doors, and other architectural elements to change so much that most structures would no […]

Housing Incentives Needed | Bahamas Real Estate

Housing Incentives Needed With financial experts searching for ways to recover from last week’s further downgrading of The Bahamas’ credit rating, one answer is right in front of our faces and up and down every block. Incentives to encourage a flurry of activity in the housing market, both new construction and sales of existing homes, […]

MCR Bahamas Expands | Bahamas Real Estate

MCR Bahamas Group Expands Real estate broker Mario Carey announced this week that he has launched a full-fledged property management division that includes commercial property management. The move is an expansion of a residential property management company launched in 2013 and headed by Tina Bain. The new team of experts backed by office support staff […]

Harbour Island Office Launch | Bahamas Real Estate

Harbour Island Office Launch Mario Carey Opens 1st Family Island Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Office in Harbour Island Calling Mario Carey “a brand unto himself,” Minister of Investments Khaalis Rolle officially welcomed the world’s fastest growing real estate brand, Better Homes & Gardens and its local franchise holder Mario Carey, to Harbour Island […]

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