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The Bahamas was ranked number one out of nine jurisdictions by Forbes Magazine, stating that we are listed as ‘ hands down ‘ the top international area real estate investors should examine. Being ranked by a worldwide reputable magazine like Forbes is very impressive . It speaks volumes about our product and our services that can be provided. Ultimately investors and The Bahamian people will benefit with a positive influence on the real estate market and the country at large.

So Why is The Bahamas so popular when it comes to Real Estate Investments?

  • Overall The Bahamas is a easy place for foreigners to visit also to live and to buy real estate.
  • English is the official language, american currency is accepted and The Bahamas is politically stable.
  • The level of convenience for makes it attractive to investors both for vacation and investments.
  • Because of attractive tax incentives, many foreigners who invest choose to apply for permenant residency.
  • No special permits are required as long as the property is less than 2 acres, the intent is to rent all or a portion of the property, the property is for commercial investment
  • The vast majority of property available is sold as freehold
  • The Bahamas Out Islands offer opportunities for affordable investment on second homes

International buyers are seeking a secure investment environment with stable returns, The Bahamas offers that while other Caribbean destinations do not.

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Real Estate investment in The Bahamas is the top ‘hands down’ | Bahamas Real Estate

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