Why Sellers Should Exclusively List their Property With One Agent

Exclusive Listing
When you make the decision to sell your property, you’re going to be faced with many decisions. One of them will be, how you are going to list your property. Will you use multiple agents or or list exclusively with one? It has been eight years since The Bahamas MLS was introduced to our Real Estate Industry. Nearing almost a decade and there are still sellers that are hesitant about listing their properties with just one agent. One of the biggest misconceptions that sellers have regarding signing an Exclusive MLS Form is that their property will not be marketed or promoted as much as it can be by one agent as opposed to if they were to have their property open listed with many other agents. This is just one of the most common and popular misconceptions. However, I am here to debunk them.

Here are 3 major reasons Why Sellers Should Exclusively List their Property With One Agent:


  1. Exclusive Listings appear on all major local Real Estate Websites. The only way a listing can be uploaded to The Bahamas MLS is for it to be exclusively listed with one agent. Once a listing is on the MLS it also appears on all major real estate companies websites through an IDX feed. So the listing will not only be on the listing agents websites but all other local real estate websites that have an IDX feed.
  2. Exclusive Listings appear on Realtor.com. Besides appearing on local real estate companies websites, once a listing is uploaded to the MLS it is then visible on Realtor.com. Realtor.com is a real estate listing website that displays exclusive listings worldwide and has millions of view to the website daily.
  3. Guaranteed Commission for Listing Agent. At first, this benefit may seem as if it’s more of a benefit for the listing agent than the seller. However, when an agent is working for a commission that is guaranteed once the property is sold, this agent works harder and offers more effort, pushes and promotes the listing in a way that would not normally happen for an open listing.


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These are just a few of the major reasons why sellers should exclusively list their property with one agent. Selling can be a very difficult and emotional time and I truly believe, having one qualified agent to handle the marketing and sale of a seller’s property brings some sort of ease and organization to the whole process.



Samia Donaldson



Why Sellers Should Exclusively List their Property With One Agent

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