Establishing Business

The following proposal form is a guideline of the information required by The Bahamas Investment Authority from international investors wishing to open a business in The Bahamas.

Project Proposal Guideline


State the name of the applicant, whether corporate or personal. For a corporate entity, it may be a proposed or reserved name.


Include telephone and/or fax.

Description of Proposal

Include telephone and/or fax.


List all of the principals in the venture (major beneficial owners), along with identifying particulars such as place and date of birth and passport or social security number, for each one.

Proposed Location

It is important to state where in The Bahamas the project will be located.

Land Requirements

If a request is being made for publicly owned land, please state the acreage and location. Applicants who wish to acquire privately held land must also apply for a permit to do so.

Proposed Start-up Date

Indicate the maximum time for the commencement, and if possible, completion of the project.


State the number of work permits that may be required for key personnel for administration and financial management.

Capital Investment

Indicate the total (MINIMUM – B$250,000) capital investment to be made in the project, and provide a break-down of the items involved and an estimate for start-up costs.

Employment Projection

Indicate the number of Bahamians to be employed in construction and/or operation of the project in the first year.

Financial Arrangements

Provide proof of financial capability, that is, a letter of credit from a financial institution or a net worth statement for each principal or verification of deposit of funds in a Bahamian bank.

Environmental Impact

Indicate any possible harmful environmental effects and list the mitigating measures that would be employed to deal with them.

All information provided to the Bahamas Investment Authority will be held in the strictest confidence.