385 Luxury Bahamas Real Estate Listings for Sale in The Bahamas

With a wide variety of natural beauty and a vibrant culture, The Bahamas is a perfect place to invest in luxury real estate. Real estate in The Bahamas is highly sought after, with properties ranging from luxurious beachfront villas to resort-style communities to private islands.

The Bahamas is a tropical paradise in the Atlantic Ocean that consists of more than 700 islands and islets and is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Buying a luxury property in The Bahamas can be a lifelong investment. With the wide variety of options and prices to choose from, there is no reason to wait any longer. Browse through our luxury Bahamas real estate listings and find the perfect place for you!

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More Luxury Real Estate in The Bahamas

Luxury Bahamas Real Estate: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know to find the right luxury Bahamas real estate property for you.

Where to find Luxury Bahamas Real Estate

From islands to mansions to luxury communities, The Bahamas offers endless real estate investment opportunities and the chance to find your forever home.

Types of Luxury Bahamas Real Estate

Waterfront Homes

Waterfront properties in The Bahamas span across the range of cliffs, rugged shorelines, canals, lakes, ponds, creeks and of course beautiful, sandy beaches. There are single-family homes, mansions, apartments, condos, townhomes and duplexes available waterfront. Waterfront homes not only provide spectacular views, but often offer the simplicity of laidback living.

Private Islands

If you value privacy and being surrounded by natural beauty, a private island in The Bahamas is the perfect fit. Islands can be completely self-sufficient, with all utilities underground, including water, sewage, and power supply. Enjoy privacy or host endless guests on your private Bahamas islands.

Vacant Land

Looking to build your dream home in The Bahamas? Let the MCR Bahamas team help you find the perfect private island, lot in exclusive communities, or vacant land to invest in.

Luxury Condominiums

Affordable prices combined with unique amenities, inclusive maintenance, and community support makes Bahamas condominiums a great option for a real estate investment.

Resort-like Communities

With gorgeous golf courses, proximity to the best international schools, and some of the safest places to live in The Bahamas, you’re sure to find a specular home in a luxury Bahamas community.

Short-term & Long-term Rentals

Short term rentals are fairly popular for holidays or vacations. And long-term rentals are becoming more popular as more and more people move to the Bahamas. Plus, it helps that rentals are freely negotiated between landlord and tenant.

Luxury Bahamas Real Estate Locations

While you can find luxury real estate all through The Bahamas islands, here are some popular spots to call home:


Nassau is a true island metropolis; the perfect mix of a big city seated in tropical paradise. As the capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau is the central hub of business, education, government, and arts.


As the second largest city in The Bahamas, Freeport in Grand Bahama has much to offer. You get the benefits of living in a larger city but at a smaller population compared to a city like Nassau. It also holds the island’s international airport which makes it easier to travel and is one of the closest areas to the coast of Florida.

Exuma & Exuma Cays

The Exumas might be one of the most well-known spots of The Bahamas. Split into three different areas–Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and the Exuma Cays–each location offers something a bit distinct from one another.

Great Exuma and Little Exuma are more attributed to that relaxed, carefree island lifestyle while the Exuma Cays are more associated with luxury private homes and tropical elegance.

New Providence

As one of the most populous islands in The Bahamas, New Providence offers a beautifully mild climate, warm winters, and sparkling crystal blue waters. Agriculture and fishing make up the bulk of the local economy, as well as exporting rum to the international market.

And as a populous area, you’re more likely to find more job availability opposed to smaller areas around the islands.

Eleuthera & Harbour Island

Travelers and nomads alike find Eleuthera a magical place for adventure and relaxation. Expats are flocking to this 200-sq-mile island for its stunning white beaches, laid-back vibe, and wholesome activities.

Less than two miles off the coast of Eleuthera Island, you will find Harbour Island. This small island is best known for its stunning beaches and its hard packed pink sand.

Long Island

This island offers you miles of untouched beaches, cliffs, marine caves, and sinkholes, as well as a vibrant expat community to join. A haven for fishing, boating, and diving – and the location of the oldest church in the country – Long Island offers the perfect blend of nature and community.

Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the closest Bahamian island to eastern Florida at just a three-hour ferry from Fort Lauderdale. If you’re after a commercial development, Grand Bahama features tons of land potential, with some listings for plots of hundreds of acres.

Rose Island

Have you ever dreamt of owning a luxury home with a seaside view in the front and backyard? With little residential development, Rose Island is a tourist hotspot for snorkeling, sightseeing, and relaxation.

Paradise Islands

There’s more to the gorgeous, bustling Paradise Island than Atlantis and casinos. Home to the infamous Harbor Drive and Ocean Club residences, Paradise Island features all the amenities and comforts you need, whether for a long-term stay or a short-and-sweet vacation.


Albany is one of the most sought after luxury communities as it provides that air of luxury while still being laid back and relaxed. Located in New Providence, Albany spans across 600 acres of magnificent experiences including amazing sporting opportunities, picturesque oceans views, and amazing architecture.

Andros Island

Andros Island is for the investor with a soft spot for endless greenery and nature and is the largest island in all of The Bahamas. You'll also find tons of beachfront land in large acre quantities here. Most of Andros Island is undeveloped, making it prime for land and home purchases.

Eastern Road

Eastern Road is a historic, mostly residential community located along the northeastern coast of New Providence. Brightly painted, colonial style houses line the tree shaded roads. Historically home to many international dignitaries and accomplished Bahamian families, Eastern Road offers what some consider an easy-going lifestyle.


Spend the weekend in Bimini and fly back to Miami for your Monday morning meeting. The possibilities are endless for this super-west island in The Bahamas. You won’t find hundred-acre lots for sale on this small island, but it makes a fantastic location for your second dream home.

Berry Islands

Known as the “Fish Bowl of The Bahamas,” the Berry Islands are a cluster of 30 islands and 100 cays (small islands), totaling 12 square miles of landmass. With a population of under 1,000 and few (but popular) hotels throughout, the islands are perfect if you desire an intimate environment for your luxury abode.

Ocean Club Estates

Ocean Club Estates is a small, contemporary community located in the easternmost tip of Paradise Island. Adjacent to “the narrows,” Ocean Club Estates is connected to Nassau via two bridges.

Port New Providence

Situated on the principal island of The Bahamas, Port New Providence runs 21 miles long and seven miles wide and highlights a private, secure community of beachfront townhomes and luxury condominiums. Just minutes away from retail shopping, banking, and gym, Port New Providence provides its residents with a family-oriented member’s club.

Even with all of these amenities, Port New Providence also has their luxury private beaches.


This community features a boutique resort with less than 100 rooms to keep that quaint on-holiday feel. This community is a place for visitors to slip off the radar and enjoy the tropical hideaways it has to offer. The resort is known for the amazing experience from the staff, the service, and the beautiful coastal setting.

Benefits of buying luxury real estate in the Bahamas

It’s impossible to cover all the benefits real estate owners in The Bahamas receive, but we’ll cover at least a few.

Incredible Climate

Who wouldn’t prefer 340 days of sun and temperate beach weather to almost anywhere? The Bahama’s sun, sky, and sea is often one of the main reasons people move to the islands. The Bahamas is sunny all year long, with beautiful beaches and clear water to enjoy life to its fullest

Tax Neutrality

The beauty of the Bahamas is that there is no income tax, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, or sales tax. However, there is a Stamp Duty and Value Added Tax imposed on the conveyance of property.

Because of the tax neutrality of The Bahamas, the government earns revenue through customs duties that are imposed on goods imported into the islands.

Friendly People

The Bahamas is a popular destination to relocate for expats, retirees, or those that want to enjoy that laidback island lifestyle. On top of meeting like-minded people, you’ll meet locals that are known for their friendliness, hospitality, and warmth.

Investment Opportunities

The Bahamas welcomes foreign investment with abundance of economic opportunities, from real estate investment to the growing tech industry.

The Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA) in the Office of the Prime Minister is tasked with the operational management of the Government’s investment regulations, ensuring that Bahamian and foreign investments complement each other and that the various sectors of the economy, such as the tourism industry and financial services industry, are linked.

There are a number of sectors of the economy that are specifically targeted for foreign investment. These include–but aren’t limited to–tourist resorts, upscale condominiums, marinas and timeshares, high-tech services, manufacturing, agricultural industries and financial services.

High-Quality International Education

The Bahamas is home to prestigious schools offering world-class education to both Bahamians and foreign residents. The country boasts a near-perfect literacy rate (98%), surpassing the U.S. by 10%. And, schools like Lyford Cay International School and Lucaya International School offer impressive IB programs and robust educational standards.

How to Find the right Luxury Bahamas Real Estate For You

If you're thinking about purchasing a piece of paradise, there are plenty of amazing luxury Bahamas real estate listings to choose from. Whether you're looking for a sprawling beachfront estate or a cozy island bungalow, we've got you covered.

Contact our Bahamas real estate team here, or through one of the luxury Bahamas real estate listings above.