Windsor School in The Bahamas: A Complete Review [2024]

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Nestled in the heart of a vibrant community, Windsor School in The Bahamas stands as a beacon of excellence in education. It’s a place where the warm breeze of the islands meets a rich tradition of academic rigor and holistic development. For those considering a move to The Bahamas, understanding the educational landscape is as crucial as finding the perfect home.

Exploring the top-tier Bahamian educational institutions is a pivotal step for families relocating to The Bahamas. Among these, Windsor School distinguishes itself with a curriculum that lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning and passion-driven education. 

To fully grasp what sets this institution apart, delve into a comprehensive review of Windsor School, where academic excellence is just the beginning.


What is Windsor School in The Bahamas?

Windsor School in The Bahamas is not just an educational institution; it’s a transformative journey that begins from the tender age of pre-reception and unfolds to the precipice of college. 

As a distinguished private, co-educational boarding and day school, Windsor is strategically located on New Providence Island, with its campuses in Old Fort Bay and Albany, offering a nurturing environment for learning and growth.

At Windsor, education transcends traditional learning. It’s a place where the school’s mission to challenge students converges with a diverse array of Albany Academies, allowing each student to dive deep into their area of passion—be it equestrian pursuits, the precision of golf, the exploration of marine biology, the creativity of music, the innovation of STEM, or the discipline of tennis. 

This holistic approach ensures that as students progress through their educational journey, they are not only prepared for the academic demands of higher education but are also equipped to make a meaningful impact in the world.


Windsor School in The Bahamas Review

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At MCR Bahamas, we understand that part of the decision-making process when considering a move is assessing the quality of facilities and institutions available within the locale. Most important is the quality of schools in the area, best exemplified by esteemed institutions such as Windsor School.

Set among luxury communities, Windsor School echoes the high standards expected within The Bahamas’ reputable communities. The availability of rental homes in The Bahamas, especially within a close radius of the school, provides an added incentive for families. And, the average price of real estate in The Bahamas reveals a landscape that accommodates a broad range of preferences and possibilities, from the quaint and affordable to the extravagant.

In The Bahamas, US citizens can own property, meaning that buying real estate here can be a long-term investment. These features, along with The Bahamas‘ average salary, which indicates the country’s economic performance and quality of life, give a clear view of what life in The Bahamas can offer incoming families.

In this review, we examine the Windsor School, exploring its commitment to exemplary education amidst the lush setting of The Bahamas.


About Windsor School in The Bahamas

Windsor school

At Windsor School, a student’s educational path is as valued as the collective pursuit of knowledge.

The school’s strategic location is more than a backdrop; it’s integral to the learning experience. The lush surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities serve as a daily reminder of the school’s dedication to harmony between the environment and education. Windsor’s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that learning should be an adventure—one that is intellectually stimulating and personally meaningful.

Windsor School, with its relatively recent history, has rapidly evolved to meet the changing needs of global education standards. 

Since its inception in 2014, the school has been at the forefront of providing an education that prepares students not just for college, but for life. The learning philosophy at Windsor centers around the idea that every student has the potential to excel when provided with the right tools, encouragement, and environment.

This philosophy comes alive within a curriculum where students learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and act creatively. The school’s approach to education cultivates a sense of curiosity and allows students to apply what they learn to real-world scenarios. With a focus on developing the whole person, Windsor School is a place where students prepare for the future while applying the knowledge they gain in the present.

Windsor School’s commitment to excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities mirrors the high standards and aspirations of discerning families. The school’s holistic approach to education, focusing on intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, aligns seamlessly with the lifestyle of those who choose The Bahamas not just for its beauty, but for its culture of excellence.


Campuses and Facilities 

campus facility

The school’s state-of-the-art campuses inspire and facilitate learning. Each space, from science labs to art studios, is tailored to support the school’s dynamic curriculum and co-curricular activities.



At Windsor School, academics are the cornerstone of the student experience, with each division offering a tailored approach to learning.

  • Lower School: The Lower School offers a nurturing start to education for children from Pre-Reception to Year 6. The curriculum combines the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with the Cambridge International Primary curriculum, focusing on creating a love for learning in a hands-on, interactive environment. 

From the onset, students engage in a blend of core and creative subjects, fostering confidence, innovation, and a passion for knowledge. The early educational journey at Windsor is about more than academics; it’s about instilling a lifelong curiosity and love for learning, setting students on a path to success in their future educational endeavors.

  • Middle School: At the Middle School, students in grades 6-8 engage in a curriculum that balances core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities with a variety of electives including Modern Languages, STEM, and the Arts. 

With an average class size of 16-20, the school emphasizes personalized learning and character development, fostering independence and critical thinking. This approach ensures that students are ready for the diverse challenges of Upper School.

  • Upper School: The Upper School offers a unique blend of rigorous academics and real-world learning experiences, preparing students for college and beyond. With an average class size of 14-20, the school provides an intimate learning environment where each student receives personalized attention, ensuring they reach their full academic potential. 

In Grades 9 and 10, students delve into core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Business alongside two elective or STEP interest areas. This broad foundation narrows in Grades 11 and 12, where students specialize in one STEP subject, continuing their core studies. 

  • College Preparation: Windsor School meticulously designed its comprehensive college preparation program to guide students toward academic and personal success beyond their school years.

Starting in freshman year, students engage with professional tutoring platforms like Revolution Prep to enhance their skills and confidence. Sophomores are introduced to the college admissions process and have the option to take the PSAT/NMSQT test. As students progress into their junior and senior years, they delve deeper into college preparation with courses, SAT/ACT assessments, and college essay writing, all while developing a strategic application list and visiting potential universities. 

Additionally, Windsor offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses from sophomore year, allowing students to earn college credits and prepare for higher education. 

  • Summer Reading: Windsor School in The Bahamas embraces the joy of reading through its engaging and diverse Summer Reading Program, designed to keep students connected to literature during the summer break. 

This program encourages all students, from incoming sixth graders to seniors, to immerse themselves in at least one book over the summer, with selections varying by grade level to ensure age-appropriate and stimulating content. 

Beyond the classroom, Windsor School is a hub of community and networking, offering families the opportunity to forge valuable connections. The school’s diverse community includes local and international families, creating a rich tapestry of cultural exchange and networking opportunities that can last a lifetime.


Admission Process

The journey to becoming a part of the Windsor School community in The Bahamas begins with a straightforward admissions process, designed to welcome new students into its enriching educational environment. 

Prospective students and their families can initiate the application by completing the relevant registration forms, available for submission either at Windsor’s Welcome Center or via email to, which does not require any financial commitment.

The school requests several key documents for the application, including the student’s:

  • Birth certificate or valid passport
  • Most recent academic report (for Year 1 and above)
  • Completed registration form
  • Medical certificate with immunization records
  • Two passport photos

These documents are essential to ensure a smooth and efficient admissions process.

Windsor School’s admissions are open year-round, subject to availability, for students aged 3 to 18, spanning from Pre-reception to Year 12. The admissions team carries out an entrance assessment or interview as part of the admissions process, ensuring they place each student appropriately to thrive in Windsor’s educational setting.

Additionally, a teacher recommendation form is required and the teacher should submit this form to the provided email address.

This admissions process reflects Windsor School’s commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of each student, ensuring a seamless transition into their educational journey at one of The Bahamas’ premier learning institutions.


Tuition Fees

Windsor School in The Bahamas offers a structured tuition schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year, tailored to each educational stage. 

For Little Windsor, the term fee is $3,250. In the Lower School, fees range from $13,500 for Pre-Reception to Reception, to $16,500 for Years 3-6. The Upper School fees are $18,500 for Grades 6-8 and $22,500 for Grades 9-12, reflecting the enriched academic program.

Boarding at Windsor is available for $31,500 annually, offering a comprehensive living and learning experience. Additionally, The Bahamas Youth Foundation provides scholarships in various disciplines, with applications for the 2024-2025 academic year opening in January 2024. This fee structure supports Windsor School’s commitment to providing a high-quality, value-oriented private education.


Albany Academies

albany academies

Windsor School’s Albany Academies provide a unique opportunity for students to specialize and excel in specific areas of interest. These academies, in partnership with the Albany community, offer specialized programs in Equestrian, Golf, Marine Biology, Music, STEM, and Tennis, each designed to foster expertise and confidence.

Equestrian Academy: This program equips passionate riders with essential skills and knowledge, preparing them for various levels of competition, including rated contests in the US.

Golf Academy: Leveraging top-tier facilities and professional coaching, this academy focuses on developing future leaders in golf, combining physical training with strategic play.

Marine Biology Academy: Offering an immersive educational experience, this academy allows students to engage in hands-on research and fieldwork, exploring the rich Bahamian marine environment.

Music Academy: Aspiring artists and musicians here learn both traditional and modern music production, with access to The Sanctuary at Albany, a state-of-the-art recording studio.

STEM Academy: Dedicated to fostering innovation, this academy provides tools like laser cutters, drones, and 3D printers, encouraging students to transform their creative ideas into reality.

Tennis Academy: Focused on comprehensive training, this academy offers personalized coaching and conditioning, preparing students for high-level competition and collegiate tennis.

Each academy at Windsor School is a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing early excellence and specialization, guiding students toward their passions and future success.

The myriad of cultural and recreational opportunities in The Bahamas complements the enriching experience at Windsor School. From vibrant local festivals to serene natural parks, families can immerse themselves in activities that enrich their lives beyond the academic realm, making every day in The Bahamas an exploration of joy and discovery.


Windsor School Resources


Invest in Your Future in The Bahamas

In The Bahamas, education stands as a cornerstone of opportunity and growth, shaping the future of families and communities. As you navigate the path of selecting the ideal school for your loved ones, it’s equally crucial to consider the significance of your living environment.

At MCR Bahamas, we understand that the right home is more than just a place to stay; it’s a space that harmonizes with your educational aspirations and lifestyle needs.

Our team at MCR Bahamas specializes in matching families with residences that resonate with their unique preferences. Whether you’re in search of a luxurious estate or a charming home in one of the island’s safest neighborhoods, we possess the local knowledge and expertise to assist you. Let us guide you in finding a home that meets your requirements and enhances your life.

Ready to embark on this exciting venture? Reach out to MCR Bahamas today, and let’s begin the journey towards finding your perfect family home.

Windsor School in The Bahamas: A Complete Review [2024]

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