Bahamas Condos for Sale: Where to Buy Luxury Condos in The Bahamas


Imagine sky-high views of endless shimmering waters and convenient amenities at your fingertips. Their are many Bahamas condos for sale, with complexes like the Venetian West, Ocean Club Residences, and Nassau’s Bayroc taking the friendly islands by storm. 

Are you seeking sleek condominiums in a gated community? Or perhaps a seaside low-rise off the coast of Nassau? You’re in the right place. 

At MCR Bahamas, we help hundreds of clients rent and purchase their dream Bahamian condo. Love Beach Walk, Ocean Club Residences, and One Cable Beach are popular choices, for example!

Read on to learn everything you need to consider before moving to a Bahamian condo and explore some luxurious listings on today’s real estate market. 


How to Find Condos in the Bahamas

If you Google “Bahamas condos for sale,” you’ll see endless websites and listings. Don’t get lost in the real estate chaos. Follow these helpful tips first, and you’ll feel more prepared.


Make a budget 

Are you in a position to buy a condo outright or will you seek a mortgage instead? 

Bahamian condos range in price drastically, so a budget can help define your options. Take our condo listings, for example — you’ll find a modest Bimini one-bedroom for $185,000. But a short scroll down, and you’ll see an Ocean Club Residences condo for almost $7,000,000!

The good news is you’ll find something for any budget. Think about your expenses and how much you could afford in a monthly mortgage payment. Don’t forget to consider transfer and property tax, immigration fees, maintenance costs, and utilities. 


Narrow down island and location 

The Bahamas has 700 islands, though only 30 are inhabited. Still, that’s a large number of potential islands to consider, let alone neighborhoods. 

What draws you to The Bahamas? Are you seeking action and proximity to city folks, cafes, and restaurants? Buying a home in Nassau might be a good choice. Perhaps you’re after a more luxurious stay with some privacy, so a gated community in Exuma might be a better fit. 

Need help narrowing down a location? Our skilled agents at MCR Bahamas would be happy to advise you on different condo opportunities. 


Research condos for sale in The Bahamas 

Ready to explore the market? You might start with a universal listing site like to get your feet wet. As you look at condos, consider: 

  • Size: How many square feet do you want in your space? Would you be content with a smaller size if everything else looked good? 
  • Furnishings: Are you set on shipping your US home’s entire bedroom set? Then make sure the condo owner doesn’t mind removing their furniture. Many Bahamian condos come already furnished to satisfy short-term rental needs or purchasing.  
  • Location: Maybe the condo is in your dream city, but how’s the neighborhood? How close are you to the grocery store or restaurants? Do you have to travel far to a hospital?
  • Price: Consider the listing price and maintenance fees — what’s making some condos more expensive than others? Note your questions for our next step. 
  • Amenities: Pool, gym, events room, security — note the amenities common in listings. Think about which ones are most important to you. 
  • Management and Development: Who built the complex? Who manages the units? Do your research on these parties to find out if previous tenants and buyers enjoyed their experience with them. 
  • Sunlight: This is one of the top reasons for moving to The Bahamas! The condo’s number of windows and the direction it faces will impact the amount of sunlight you’ll get. 
  • Schools: Are you living with children? Research the neighborhood schools or find out how far away the condo is from your ideal Bahamas schools


Work with a great real estate team 

real estate agency for bahamas condos

Real estate agencies are incredibly helpful in a foreign market. They can give you the low-down on the latest neighborhood trends, up-and-coming developments, best and worst property managers, and more. 

But not all agencies are equal. You’ll want a reputable agency with agents that have direct experience buying and selling in your chosen neighborhoods. Look out for happy testimonials as well. 

MCR Bahamas has a huge roster of real estate agents that have lived and worked in various Bahamas neighborhoods. For example, MCR Bahamas’ president Mario Carey holds the title of top real estate transaction producer for the Ocean Club Residence condominiums. Our broker/agent Sheldon Pitt grew up on Bimini Island, giving him unique expertise for residential and commercial listings in the area. 

Reach out to us today to find your luxury Bahamas residence


Why You Should Buy a Condo in The Bahamas 

Some people like villas and luxury Bahamas mansions, while some prefer a townhome closer to the city. But for many, condos in the Bahamas are a top choice. Here’s why: 

  • Affordable Amenities: Do you know how much it costs to build or maintain a pool in your backyard? You’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars upfront and hundreds in monthly upkeep. How about a gym membership? That’s another monthly expense on your budget. With a condo, you’ll gain access to amenities within a consolidated maintenance fee, often much cheaper than paying for the amenities on your own. 
  • Inclusive Maintenance: From lawn cutting to driveway paving, inclusive maintenance fees can reduce time and effort spent on the upkeep of your property. 
  • Affordable Ideal Location: Purchasing a New Providence/Paradise Island house will usually cost more than a condo, so if you’re set on a location but want to stick within a particular budget, a condominium can be the answer.
  • Security: Bahamian residential condos usually have 24/7 security or concierge services. The costs are typically included in your maintenance fees, resulting in a more competitive price than if you were to purchase your own alarm system on a house, for example. 
  • Community: Retiring? Looking to meet new friends in a new place? Many condominiums have established communities of like-minded families and individuals equally interested in building long-lasting friendships or even networking opportunities. 


Bahamas Condos for Sale: Where to find Luxury Condos in the Bahamas 

Are you still considering your dream location or neighborhood? We’ll help you narrow it down with some tidbits of info for our clients’ favorite condo neighborhoods!


Beachfront Condos for Sale in Nassau and Paradise Island

beachfront bahamas condos for sale

A beachfront Nassau condo offers the best of both worlds. You get the flavor of the most bustling Bahamian city with the relaxation of the nearby Caribbean sea. But a beachfront condo offers an elevated exclusivity — backing onto a dreamy Bahamian beach is a magical amenity. 

This option isn’t for the buyer on a budget, though. Many Nassau beachfront condos cost millions.

Price range: Beachfront condos often go for over $1 million plus, but you can find other Nassau condominiums for less away from the beach. 


Beachfront Condos for Sale on other Bahama Islands

bahamas condos for sale on the beach

The Bahamas has tons of condominiums and resorts along the island coastlines outside of Nassau and Paradise Island. You might see a little Grand Bahama in the early hundred thousands, or be wowed by a luxury condominium penthouse in the millions. 

Price range: $50,000 – $2,000,000

Condos for Sale in Grand Bahamas and Freeport 

grand bahamas condos for sale

You’ll find plenty of condo complexes in Grand Bahama. Imagine being steps away from the mystical white sands of Lucayan Beach? Our clients gush at the prospect, especially considering the comparatively reasonable prices. 

You’ll also find affordability and character in Freeport, the main city on Grand Bahama island. It’s the second-most populated Bahamian city, yet condos sell for a fraction of the price. You can find a decent two-bedroom in the mid-hundred thousands. 

Price range: $100,000 – $600,000

Condos in the Bahamas for Sale Under $200k

Many people don’t realize the islands offer a simplistic lifestyle for those that seek one. You can find condominiums for under $200,000 depending on your location, the size you need, and the amenities you’re looking for. 

Consider a modest condo under $200,000, which is possible on Eleuthera Island or back at Freeport!


Condo for Sale In Bahamas Under $100k

bahamas condos for sale under 100k


The Bahamas has a lot of older condos that might not be as luxurious as the ones you see featured front and center. But you can still purchase an older condo for under $100,000 in Grand Bahama or Abaco. 


Best Condos for Sale in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a spectacular place to buy condo properties. It has the best weather, beautiful beaches, and a thriving tourist economy. But why jump into the condo search alone when you have so much support available? We’ve done all the work for you.

With a generous range of prices, endless amenities, and breathtaking views, you can live a Bahamian life of luxury in any of the country’s wonderful condos. 

Looking for a luxury condo in the Bahamas? Contact us at MCR Bahamas so we can help!

Bahamas Condos for Sale: Where to Buy Luxury Condos in The Bahamas

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