Month: July 2017

Interior Design 101: How to Choose a Sofa For Your Home | Bahamas Real Estate

The purchase of a sofa at times can be a costly investment. So here are a few things to consider when choosing a sofa that will transition to your life and your home changes. Measure First, measure your doorways and hallways even your elevator if you live in an apartment building because you want to […]

Questions You Should Ask Your Appraiser | Bahamas Real Estate

Anyone desiring to own his/her own home will require the services of a professional appraiser at the start of that journey. Very likely, that need may arise again, somewhere down the Homeowner’s Road. Obtaining that initial appraisal report may seem like a daunting and somewhat intimidating process, one of many hurdles which must be navigated […]

Tips On How To Make A Small Room Appear Larger | Bahamas Real Estate

Small spaces can be an economical choice,  but it’s also a lifestyle choice, says Felice Cohen, who has lived in a 90 square foot apartment. The key to living happily in a small space is to combine your personal style with smart decisions especially when it comes to designing a room. Here are 4 quick […]

Timothy Smith – Life of Tim | Bahamas Real Estate

Timothy Smith – Life of Tim Timothy Smith’s Youtube channel gives you a peek into his life here in The Bahamas, The Lifestyle and Real Estate. See Bimini from a different point of view in this aerial & underwater showcase. View a few of his listings: East Street South Commercial Jumbey House Rental – East […]

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