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How To Stock Your Home Bar | Bahamas Real Estate

A well-mixed drink can impress friends, romance a date or schmooze clients when stocking your home bar. First off think about what you like to drink and make your bar fit your style, taste, and budget. You can always add more as you discover new cocktail recipes or new spirits to try. To get started […]

Real Estate Appraisals – The Quick and Painless Way | Bahamas Real Estate

We all hate that visit to the dentist to have a tooth filled or pulled; even worse, to have a root canal done. First, that long sharp needle, followed by the sound of the dreaded drill, then the anticipation of pain. I hope no one thinks of a visit by the appraiser in the same […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Stager | Bahamas Real Estate

Almost all home buyers begin their search online, meaning sellers need to make a good first impression so potential buyers want to see their home in person. As a real estate company, we know how important it is to discuss staging your home before you list it for sale. We have seen firsthand the difference […]

9 House Hunting Mistakes | Bahamas Real Estate

So you think House Hunting is about showing up to a few opening houses and picking the best one. No way! You need a game plan. Not just any type, but one that will save you time, money and your sanity during the home-buying process. Here are 9 House Hunting mistakes not to make.   […]

Absorption Rate of Condos in the Bahamas | Bahamas Real Estate

Condos in The Bahamas have become an extremely attractive investment for both locals and foreigners alike. The average cost of purchasing and maintaining a home has increased over the years and both down payment and household closing costs are beyond what most can afford. Condominiums can be a less costly alternative to owning a home. […]

Interior Design 101: How to Choose a Sofa For Your Home | Bahamas Real Estate

The purchase of a sofa at times can be a costly investment. So here are a few things to consider when choosing a sofa that will transition to your life and your home changes. Measure First, measure your doorways and hallways even your elevator if you live in an apartment building because you want to […]

Tips On How To Make A Small Room Appear Larger | Bahamas Real Estate

Small spaces can be an economical choice,  but it’s also a lifestyle choice, says Felice Cohen, who has lived in a 90 square foot apartment. The key to living happily in a small space is to combine your personal style with smart decisions especially when it comes to designing a room. Here are 4 quick […]

Tips on Detaching from a place you once called Home | Bahamas Real Estate

Like many people, you probably have a deep emotional attachment to your home. We attach ourselves to childhood memories of growing up, our kids, life, heartaches, disappointments, and celebrations. Almost everything we experience is attached to our home. Then it comes time to sell and it is often too difficult to let go of memories […]

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Electrifies its Competitive Strategy with the Zap Technology Platform | Bahamas Real Estate

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Electrifies its Competitive Strategy with the Zap Technology Platform – Informed consumers have fundamentally transformed the real estate industry.  Access to data has armed real estate professionals with a way to stay ahead of new pressures– if they can effectively harness the benefits.  Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate […]

Mario Carey Calls for Creation of Economic Zones | Bahamas Real Estate

Creation Of Economic Zones – The word SEZ rolls off Mario Carey’s tongue with such conviction you’d think he had discovered a single pill to cure a common cold and create peace in the world. “SEZ,” he says, “stands for special economic zones and it’s not the common cold a SEZ can cure, but the […]

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