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The townhouse; although similar to a condo it is different. It also shares some features of a single-family home. You could say that townhouses are somewhere in between, offering a little of both. But what can help you choose the right one for you? To be certain that you’re making the right decision, here are a few things to be sure of during the house hunt for a townhome.

The location in general will very likely reflect the neighborhood that you’re attracted to and is usually something that may not require a lot of intention. Where your townhouse is within its own complex, in relation to other units, and communal areas is another story. Think about whether you’d like to be right beside a swimming pool if you prefer more solitude. Perhaps being nearer to the community entrance doesn’t bother you and the sounds of cars coming and going at any time isn’t a concern. Or maybe an adjacent building limits some sunlight. The point is, be aware of where your townhouse is and whether it checks your boxes. Don’t be afraid to check the area out at different times of the day and night to see how loud or brightly lit it is as well. 

It’s also good to consider the natural ambiance. End units often have additional windows for lots of natural light. Compared to interior units, an end unit can also have a little more outdoor space with an additional yard, deck, or patio area. Of course, the overall landscaping of the small community or complex can be a factor as well.

One important question to answer is related to covenants, conditions, and restrictions. A townhouse can be subject to stringent rules or very relaxed policies, which is why it’s important to check. It can specify who can live in your home, whether you can install a satellite dish, what changes can be made to the exterior, and more. Read and confirm them before you set your heart on your home because it’s heartbreaking to overlook it and discover a deal-breaker later in the process, or worse after signing on the dotted line.

HOA’s – What is a HOA?

This next pointer is an absolute must on the checklist – Privacy – Although townhomes spare you from neighbors above or below, you will have neighbors one or on either side of you, and privacy will still matter. In some cases, it could be sightlines into the home. It could also be acoustics. Everyone enjoys a good movie but not when it is onscreen in an entirely different home. So, get a sense of how well the townhomes are soundproofed.

Another key is to compare amenities or special features, placing priority on the things that matter most to you. Some features that can be worth taking note of are controlled entry, standby power sources for the complex or individual unit, the number of parking spaces and whether they’re assigned or not, or a swimming pool. These are not only worth reviewing for the sake of your quality-of-life checklist but possibly your wallet too. After all, amenities will factor into the purchase price of a townhouse. They also require fees to be maintained and serviced. There may also be a homeowner’s association to coordinate maintenance. Be prepared for the additional expense on a monthly or quarterly basis and if there is a significant repair or replacement needed, this might mean going into the wallet yet again. By finding out if there are any add-on costs to living in your intended townhome you can be well informed.

One more thing to keep an eye out for is insurance. You’ll want to make sure your belongings and your dwelling are protected if something awful happens such as a fire or hurricane. If there is a homeowner’s association, will it have an insurance policy or will you have to get one individually? What’s covered by the policy and what’s not? Is flood coverage included? What if the flooding is a busted pipe rather than a storm? What if the source of the damage came from a neighbor next door? Be meticulous and consult an insurance agent to find out the specifics for all the protection you need.

If you’ve made up your mind or maybe just thinking about buying a townhouse, the process is essentially just like it would be with any other property but keeping these points in mind can prove to be really helpful when you’re comparing options side by side. There are great choices available in the market right now. If you’d like the help of one of our professional real estate agents to find your townhome or something else that suits you, call us at our website and request a call from us. 

Tips To Buy Your Townhouse | Bahamas Real Estate

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