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Tips To Buy Your Townhouse | Bahamas Real Estate

The townhouse; although similar to a condo it is different. It also shares some features of a single-family home. You could say that townhouses are somewhere in between, offering a little of both. But what can help you choose the right one for you? To be certain that you’re making the right decision, here are […]

Land Investments Are A Huge Opportunity

Globally, real estate has been the best low risk long-term investment by the numbers – well ahead of savings accounts, CDs and a number of other asset types. Not surprisingly, the number of individuals, as well as companies small and large that actively and intentionally seek out real estate for investment purposes, has skyrocketed. Many […]

Blockchain In Bahamian Real Estate | Bahamas Real Estate

The value of a single bitcoin was recently pegged at roughly $40,000 dollars and it is closely watched by many that follow cryptocurrencies in general as they measure the impact. The impact of the crypto craze has also shown up locally and is being seen in the local real estate industry. Agents and brokers have […]

Waterfront Buys Walking Out The Door | Bahamas Real Estate

A longtime attraction to the world, The Bahamas still is considered a top destination in the region for short term visitors, second home residents and expatriates. One undeniable draw is the beauty of its waters. In fact, global travel site Big 7 Travel recently included the Bahamas in its annual list of “The 50 Best […]

Consider A Condominium | Bahamas Real Estate

Buying a home is a big deal. It’s a decision you want to get right but with so many choices, it can be a bit difficult. One option in the market that’s worth looking into is a condominium. Arguably, it is real estate that directly blends lifestyle with affordability all along the real estate spectrum, […]

Market Value vs. Price – Do You Know The Difference? You’ll Want To

The appraisal report pegged the property at $430,000, the seller listed it at $420,000 and the buyer is offering $435,000. Yes, you heard correctly but how does that work? No need to wrinkle your brow. Here’s a short crash course.  Related: Real Estate Appraisals – The Quick and Painless Way Make Sure It’s Worth It […]

Conservation Subdivisions For New Providence – Economic Growth With Environmental Preservation

Our island chain is among the world’s most attractive in part due to its natural beauty and ongoing effort is made to preserve it as the country develops. This effort should be true of residential subdivision developments. Cue the conservation subdivision.  TRADITIONAL SUBDIVISION DESIGN A “traditional” subdivision design typically takes a large tract of land […]

Sellers Market: Thinking About Selling A Luxury Property, It May Be Time To Put That “FOR SALE” Sign Up

Whether you’d like to sell a luxury property or possibly do so in the near term, knowing a little about the current market will be a valuable aid. Although many factors are often involved, including which island, neighborhood, price range and type of property such as condos, single-family residences, multi-family buildings, waterfront, or otherwise, a […]

Buying A Home vs. Renting A Home | Which is best for you?

Debating between renting or buying is a major decision and there are pros and cons with each option. The answer to the rent vs. buy debate isn’t always so black and white. There is a lot to consider before deciding whether to rent or buy. This decision does not just affect how much money you […]

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate MCR Bahamas, Fab Food Fest Fridays Wraps Up after almost 40,000 Meals

It started as a conversation between friends, one a restauranteur, the other a real estate legend, about how to help feed the hungry in the era of COVID-19. In no time it morphed into Pasta Fridays and ended last week with cheers, tears, music and memories as nearly 30 volunteers looked back on nine weeks […]

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