King’s College School in The Bahamas: Complete Review [2024]

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Famed as a paradise on earth, The Bahamas is not only a place of breathtaking beauty but also home to some of the best international private schools in the world. The newest addition to this list, leading the way to high-quality global education in The Bahamas, is King’s College School in Nassau. 

Although newly established in The Bahamas, King’s College has a global reputation for educational excellence spanning over 50 years. With an innovative education group bringing rich, transformative learning experiences to students every day, The Bahamas is now benefiting from this global academic powerhouse.

What is King’s College School in The Bahamas?

King’s College School in The Bahamas is a co-educational and non-denominational private institution that opened its doors in August 2022. Founded by the reputable King’s College group, and now owned by Inspired, the program brings its proven track record in international education to The Bahamas.   

As the latest addition to a line of top-tier schools in the King’s College group, King’s College School in The Bahamas promises to provide rigorous, comprehensive, and globally focused education to students from pre-reception age to grade 12 young adults.

King’s College has become a beacon of education for families worldwide. Parents love the educational environment and opportunities that King’s College offers students, and some have even transferred their children from the rival Windsor College to further their studies. Families are shifting their living cycles so that their children can attend or continue their education at King’s College in the Bahamas. 

With its exceptional blend of academic and extracurricular offerings, King’s College School shapes future leaders and successful individuals capable of thriving in the global arena.


King’s College School, The Bahamas: A Review

Nassau is already one of the best places to live in The Bahamas, but this new institution makes it even better. Let’s delve deeper into what makes King’s College School in The Bahamas truly stand out.


About King’s College School of The Bahamas

King’s College School, part of the esteemed Inspired global education group, is committed to creating a student-centered learning environment that nurtures students’ passions and ambitions. Operating under the Inspired three-pillar approach of academics, sport, and performing arts, the school aims to create academically confident, globally-minded citizens able to excel in their chosen fields.

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Academics & Learning Style

From early learning through secondary school and up to the renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, King’s College School utilizes an education pathway designed for deep learning and overall success.

This includes the uniquely developed Inspired’s approach to early years education, the globally recognized Cambridge International Primary and Secondary curriculum, and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). These learning pathways ensure students flourish and thrive both academically and personally.

Moreover, the school embraces its Bahamian surroundings, integrating local culture, values, and heritage into its curriculum, which enriches its blend of the British curriculum and the International Baccalaureate program. This proven strategy, used across various Inspired schools, demonstrates success in cultivating well-rounded and successful citizens.



King’s College School offers a state-of-the-art campus that spreads over 10 acres. The new facilities just opened in September 2023, though the school was operating for a year prior. The campus promotes a balanced education with facilities directed towards academics, performing and creative arts, and sports. 

The Academic wing comprises large classrooms coupled with libraries, specialized labs, and research centers. In the arts program, there are studios for drama, dance, music and visual arts, encouraging comprehensive creative expression.

In sporting facilities, the campus houses a FIFA regulation-size football (often known as soccer) pitch, tennis, and Padel courts, an athletics track with jump facilities, and a competition-standard swimming pool. The sports program remains unaffected by weather with a multi-purpose climate-controlled sports hall.

Equally important are the communal areas, which foster a sense of community among the students. Adventure playgrounds with high-quality equipment provide an exciting recreational environment for the younger students. 

With a thoughtful blend of academic and co-curricular zones, King’s College School’s campus offers a fantastic space for students to learn, explore, and grow.

Pairing nicely with these top-notch facilities are the nearby luxury communities to house your family while your children study. 

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Tuition and Fees

The varied fee structure, depending on the grade level, is inclusive of all educational materials and school day trips within Nassau. Meals and uniforms are a separate charge, and there’s a one-time application fee of $150.

The annual fees are:

  • Reception (Early Learning, Age 4): $15,750
  • Primary Curriculum, years 1-6 (1st-5th grades): $22,590
  • Secondary Curriculum, years 7-11 (6th-10th grades): $25,305
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, years 12 & 13 (11th & 12th grade): $27,450

There’s no doubt that tuition is prohibitive, especially if you’re earning an average salary. But, if your child excels in academics, arts, or sports, but you cannot pursue private education due to financial constraints, there are scholarship opportunities. Eligibility is determined individually, but there are minimum requirements to qualify for a scholarship. Applicants must:

  • Be a Bahamian national
  • Enroll at the start of any academic year in Year 5 or higher
  • Show the capacity to contribute to our school community academically or through their sports and creative abilities
  • Display a financial need to cover the tuition fees

For more details, please contact the school admissions department.

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Enrolling at King’s College is straightforward. It involves completing the application form, and including with it the application fee ($150) and two most recent school reports. 

Students and their guardians will then attend an interview with the Headteacher. Children entering their reception year meet with the Head of Early Years, and all other students complete additional assessments. 

If their application is successful, parents receive an offer letter, which they sign and return along with a deposit of $1,000, confirming their enrollment. The deposit makes up part of the total annual fees. 

An online source reveals that the student population for the 2023/2024 academic year is 160. The cap for total student enrollment is 450. 


King’s College School Team

Heading the school is Founding Principal Matteo Rossetti, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. An Oxford graduate from Balliol College, Matteo also holds a Masters in Education Leadership from University College London. 

His career highlights include the role of Founder of Thomson House School in London and Head of Prep at London’s Harrodian School, signifying his extensive background in educational leadership.

The King’s College School leadership also includes the Board of Governors, who manage all aspects of the school, extending from educational benchmarks to the welfare of staff and students. 

They shoulder the duty of cultivating an environment that fosters heightened expectations, along with supervising, measuring, and backing the leadership and administration, inclusive of the associated policies and procedures.



The school offers a vast range of extracurricular activities within its Performing Arts and Sports pillars. 

In Performing and Creative Arts, students enjoy lessons in drama, music, visual arts, and public speaking. The dedicated studios and performance hall allow students to immerse themselves in their artistic experience. Extending beyond classroom lessons, students take part in stage productions throughout the year, to further develop their talents.

The sports facilities include football, tennis, basketball, athletics, and swimming to enhance the overall skills and personality of the students. The campus also offers an Athletes Programme catering to proficient students with specialized training in football, tennis, and swimming.


More About King’s College School in The Bahamas

Here are some commonly asked questions about the school.

Who owns King’s College in The Bahamas? 

King’s College in The Bahamas is part of the larger King’s Group, an international education organization focused on providing quality British education to students across the globe. In 2019, King’s Group joined Inspired, a leading international group of premium private schools. 

As part of the Inspired network, students of King’s College, Bahamas, enjoy a wider network, with over 110 schools on 6 continents. 


What is the King’s College School Bahamas ranking? 

As Kings College is relatively new, having opened its doors in August 2022, no rankings have come in as yet. However, schools in the Inspired network regularly top the ranks around the world. Here are some examples:

  • Colegio San Patricio, ranked #1 in El Mundo’s “100 Best Schools in Spain,” 2022
  • ACG Parnell, #1 private co-ed school in Auckland
  • Reddam House Sydney, ranked the #2 ‘Top Independent School’ Matrix Education 2021 
  • King’s College School Murcia, ranked #4 in Forbes’ “100 Best Schools in Spain,” 2022
  • St. George’s International School, Switzerland, ranked #1 in Luxe Digital’s ‘15 Best Boarding Schools in the World’ 2022

It’s also worth noting that Inspired students consistently achieve high IB scores and matriculation pass rates.


How much does it cost to go to King’s College in Nassau?

The list of detailed figures is above, but depending on your students’ year level, the curriculum fees range from about $15,750 to $27,450.00 per year, not including meals and uniform charges. There are scholarship opportunities available to support the community.

Communal areas

Start Your Journey in The Bahamas

King’s College School is more than just a school—it’s a community fostering academic curiosity, athletic prowess, and artistic expression in a nurturing, state-of-the-art environment.

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King’s College School in The Bahamas: Complete Review [2024]

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