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Why Gated Communities Are For You! | Bahamas Real Estate

Hearing the words gated community while living in The Bahamas. Places like Lyford Cay, Ocean Club and Old Fort Bay come to mind and then dollar signs. Unless you are a part of the 1% or about to hit the lotto, gated communities can appear to be out of reach. The average home buyer does […]

Cave Cay | Private Island For Sale In The Exumas | Bahamas Real Estate

Cave Cay is an exclusive 220 Acre Private Island in the heart of the Exuma Cays immediately north of Musha Cay. Cave Cay is unique because of its very own deep water harbour, private marina with 35 dock slips and a 2,800 ft private landing strip. The island has approvals for an extensive commercial development, […]

First Time Home Buyer? Take a deep breath, relax & follow these steps | Bahamas Real Estate

First time home buyer? Take a deep breath, relax and follow these steps. The journey to homeownership can have it’s ups and downs, but the ride is oh so worth it.  I remember being a first time home buyer, it was both exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.  So many questions running through […]

7 Things That Can Scare off Potential Homebuyers | Bahamas Real Estate

No matter how beautiful, comfortable and safe you think your home is, it may contain things that can scare buyers away. Homebuyers can be extremely particular, and before they make a decision, they will inspect everything with a fine toothed comb. Of course, no home is perfect. However, there are certain things that can make […]

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